10+ Best Sites Like Rabb.it

Rabb.it is the online streaming of movies, TV shows, and videos. The sites like Rabb.it (Rabbit) is making watching videos hassle – free, convenient, and smooth. Here, the exciting features and the awesome feeling to watch videos along with your beloved ones across the world. This will provide the online personal space to enjoy the web media with family & friends who are not at the same place.

Sites Like Rabb.it

The Rabb.it allows its users to watch the movies and TV shows with friends or beloved ones without being in the same room and city. This unique feature and many other exciting features will make you to watch through Rabb.it but Now a days it is having too many crashes that is not allowing you to watch movies and TV shows peacefully. We are here to avoid your situation as we have gathered some of the best sites like Rabb.it to make you to have an uninterrupted entertainment.

Just continue reading to know more about rabb.it and the sites like Rabb.it.

What is Rabb.it?

Rabb.it is the best platform to share entertainment with your friends, family, relatives, and beloved ones. This sllows you to enjoy the entertainment shows or movies with your beloved ones even if they are living across border. The best part of Rabb.it is that it allows you to watch TV shows and movies on various other platforms / websites for the purpose of combined entertainment. This Rabb.it allows you to watch movies and TV shows on Vimoe, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, and many other together with your beloved ones even if they are far away from you.

To give the same thrill and excitement of using the Rabb.it website, this is available for Mac OS X users in the form of application. Both the application and website offers the same type of enjoyment to the users providing all the options of website making them available for application too.

Sites Like Rabb.it

On the Rabb.it official website, you can see live room to join yourself to enjoy the entertainment some other unknown persons. You can also create your own separate room in the Rabb.it to watch TV shows, movies, and other entertainment videos together with your beloved ones.


You can collaborate with the colleagues when you are on the road. However, this has endless options like you can buy a gift together to your mom then sing for her a happy birthday song along with your family who are far away. This is a video chat around VNC like shared remote web browser. Hence, the possibilities are never ending this is a power pack of all the required things to share wonderful moments with your friends, family, and beloved ones.

The Rabb.it (Rabbit) is available both as a website and app to make it available for more viewers. The website has some limited features, the app usually crashes and everyone will not have access to their laptops to login to their website.

To avoid all these consequences just go through the below list as they are the best Rabb.it alternatives.

Sites Like Rabb.it

We have gathered the best sites like Rabb.it and they will give you the best experience similar to Rabb.it platform.

1. SynapTop (Website & App)

The synaptop is one of the best alternative to Rabb.it as this not only makes you enjoy watching movies but also makes you have an awesome time in reading books, listening to music, and playing games. This is the best sites like rabb.it with all the features same as it. If you want to enjoy the private space with your friends, you have to sign up and create personal room to enjoy with your friends. This is pretty fast to respond and allows the users to use its features in a quick way.

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Sites Like Rabb.it


  • You can watch movies along with your friends. Iust within one click, you can share videos with your beloved ones.
  • In sync, you are able to fast forward, rewind, pause, and play.
  • All the application will run on cloud without requirement of any installations or downloads.
  • You can remove or add an app within a click.
  • With friends you can join the app without requirement of installing it.
  • You can watch movies, play games, listen to music, and read books together without any limitations of place wherever you are.
  • This help you to collaborate in the real times, able to run apps, manages & opens files, control devices, and text & video chat.
  • The synaptop games, synaptop theater, and synaptop media player makes everything possible.

Website Link: https://www.synaptop.com/

Compatible Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac (computer and mobile)

2. Watch2gether (Website)

The Watch2gether is one of the best sites like Rabb.it as the name itself coveys all that it allows people to watch together. This platform is used by almost 12+ million users across the world and the headquarters is located in Germany. It has great features to easy to sync and the features are pretty quick to use without any hassle.

Sites Like Rabb.it


  • Using this platform, you can share your social media platforms with your friends and relatives.
  • According to your own wish and preferences, you can create playlists.
  • You can make shopping through the sites like Amazon to not miss gifting important occasions.
  • It has synchronized player for audio and video.
  • You can chat your friends in an integrated chat room.
  • This allows you to enjoy video contents from SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube.
  • It supports Webcam.
  • You can create a room without any requirement of registration.
  • Share the created room link with your friends, you can listen, watch, and shop in sync with your friends in the room.
  • Yo can buy the premium version to get the exclusive features like chromecast and many more.

Website Link: https://www.watch2gether.com/?lang=en

Compatible Devices: Mobile (website) and system / computer

3. MyCircle TV

While MyCircle TV has most of the features similar to rabb.it and watch2gether. The additional feature is that you can upload and watch the videos in the cloud section to watch them with your friends and relatives. This is one of the most popular site and used by millions of people world wide and the headquarters is located in England.

Sites Like Rabb.it


  • You can create or join a room to invite friends.
  • It allows you to watch uninterrupted videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Souncloud.
  • This is 100 % free and no registration of credit card is required.
  • It has synchronized player and chat options.
  • This allows you to organize your favorite playlist with your beloved one in the real time.
  • It allows to create or manage the available chats in an easy and best possible way.

Website Link: https://www.mycircle.tv/

Compatible Devices: Windows (Computer) and Android (Mobile)

4. TogetherTube (Website)

The TogetherTube is created in the year 2012 and the headquarters is located in Germany. You can enjoy lots of fun as it allows you to watch videos from YouTube, Soundcloud, vimoe, and dailymotion.

Sites Like Rabb.it


  • You can create a room or browse popular rooms.
  • This has the synchronized player which allows the users to watch videos simultaneously as if the people are watching the videos from the same computer.
  • The built in chat in every room will allow communication with standard features.
  • Every room has personalized voting system, the video which gets the highest votes will be played next.
  • You can personalize the room settings for the sake of privacy or to restrict the rights to other person in the room.
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Website Link: https://togethertube.com/

Compatible Devices: Mobile (website) and system / computer

5. Share Tube (Website)

This is a web association which offers you to watch and talk with your friends and family online at a time. There are almost about 40,000+ rooms in which people are sharing and watching videos together.

Sites Like Rabb.it


  • This doesn’t require enrollment but you require username.
  • Whenever you open the website, the shared room YouTube video will play on the home page.
  • You can make a room or join a room (popular one).
  • It allows to create shared videos playlists.
  • This allows you to chat with the people in your room all at a time.
  • It allows you to watch YouTube videos and movies online with easy easy clicks.
  • You can customize the room settings and to maintain the privacy of your room.

Website Link: http://sharetube.io/#menu

Compatible Devices: Mobile (website) and system / computer

6. Gaze (website)

If the relationships are of long – distance there is a no scope for watching movies together but gaze is one of the sites like Rabb.it that help you to watch movies or videos at the same time. This is having the committed strategy of synchronizing which allows you to watch movies online uninterruptedly.

Sites Like Rabb.it


  • Once, you click on the start gaze, you will get a link which you can share and invite the persons through Facebook or email or copy paste the link anywhere you want to share through.
  • If you are not sure of how to use Gaze, go for demo option and give access to microphone and webcam.
  • You can video call with the person.
  • The sync watch always watch the same video at the same time (seek, play, pause).
  • This has the option to watch your own files.
  • You can have fun on sending the fleeting messages.

Website Link: https://letsgaze.com/#/

Compatible Devices: Mobile and computer through website

7. Sync Video (Website)

Sync video is one of the best sites like rabb.it which allows you to watch videos with your loved ones. This let’s you create the room in a very quick way and allows you to share with your friends in a pretty fast way. According to an estimations there are almost 3 millions of users all over the world.

Sites Like Rabb.it


  • This provides the browser extensions to make the things hassle free and accesses all the features easily.
  • It plays the videos of almost all the formats.
  • Easy and fast accessing is possible for free of cost.
  • You can sync the videos from YouTube and vimeo.
  • You have to log – in to the use the features like User TV and top videos. The user TV is nothing but you have to log – in and select the channel to watch your favorite videos.
  • This has playlist option to add the videos to watch them continuously without any interruption.
  • To make the video public, you have to register with the site.
  • You can invite friends using share button or on copy – paste the link on any platform to invite them.

Website Link: https://sync-video.com/

Compatible Devices: Mobile and computer through website

8. Togethr Tv (Website)

This is not popular website than other websites listed here but this is one of the simple site that create room and easy to watch videos, chat, and can do many more. It is faster than any other with simple and required features to watch the videos together without any hassle. This creates a new room each and every time you especially for the videos you watch until you close the window. There is no requirement of registration or sign up to watch the videos.

Sites Like Rabb.it


  • On giving a video link or searching for a video giving keywords togethr TV automatically creates a room. You will find a room link under the video copy and share it with your friends to add them to the room.
  • You can see the synchronized playback with play, seek, and pause options for all users.
  • This allows you to comment about the video in the real time in the group with the help of audio chat option.
  • It supports the websites like YouTube and other streaming websites.
  • You can either give the link of particular video to watch or enter the keywords to search the random video.
  • This allows you to watch the videos directly from your computer. To make it possible you have to download the togethr tv software.
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Website Link: https://togethr.tv/

Compatible Devices: Mobile and computer through website link

9. Rave (App)

This is one of the best sites like rabb.it as this is available in the form of app and made it flexible to use. It has awesome features that make the users spend their leisure time watching their favorite videos with their fevorite group of people.

This supports Android – 4.1 and up and consumes about 40 MB of space, iOS – required 8.0 and up, compatible with iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch. Consumes 65 MB of space.

Sites Like Rabb.it


  • The interface is simple to use.
  • It has virtual rooms to share their stuff
  • The user can get their own chat room
  • Uploading and managing the videos is as simple as viewing videos with simple steps.
  • You can watch videos and at the same time can chat with your friends.
  • This allows you to listen music together.
  • The playback – sync technology in the app help to turn mobile phones into wireless speakers.
  • This is available on android and iOS devices using RaveVR, available on galaxy gear VR, and Google daydream.

Website Link: https://rave.io/

Compatible Devices: Available in the form of app, compatible with Android and iOS devices

10. & Chill TV (Website)

& chill TV is a new way to enjoy videos and movies with your beloved ones across the globe. This allows you to watch the videos together as you are in the theater with the seat selection and chit – chat option in the form of text or audio.

Sites Like Rabb.it


  • You can create a room, enter your name join, and next select your seat to watch videos together. This gives you the real time seat selection view because the screen will look according to your seat selection.
  • This allows you to share the room link to Twitter, Facebook, and reddit.
  • You can choose the room as public or private according to your wish by default the room is public.
  • Click on the playlist option to add the video links from YouTube and twitch. This allows to play the video simultaneously.
  • You can chat in the form of text and audio using microphone.
  • This shows the online available chat rooms to choose according to the video / people you know to watch videos together.
  • You have to login to browse rooms.

Website Link: https://andchill.tv/

Compatible Devices: This only works on the computer

Few Other Similar Websites

  1. Juice Box (Especially for music)
  2. BlaTube

Wrapping It Up – Sites Like Rabb.it

Hope, you got your favorite featured sites like rabb.it to watch videos and movies together without any hassle. Some of the sites requires to register or sign – up to create room and to watch the videos. However, there are sites that won’t require any sign up, just create chatroom with a single click and share the link with your friends and enjoy watching videos together. You can upload the videos from your computer and can watch the videos together with your friends without any hassle.

We will regularly update information regarding the sites like Rabb.it and the best featured sites to make your search simple.

If you know any other sites or using any sites to watch videos together with your friends and relatives together, share  them in the comments section. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section. We are always happy to help you.

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