25 Best Anime Movies To Watch

Best Anime Movies selection always depends on your personal interest and taste. But, the below anime movies list are entertaining, animated well, and gives you great viewing experience.

Anime series requires continuous follow up to understand the story. Hence, In the case of Anime Movies, you can enjoy the story without any prior knowledge.

We have Categorized Anime Movies and provided you with information regarding each movie individually. Just go through the list and watch as they are best anime movies all time which gives you lot of entertainment.

Best Anime Movies


Picking best Anime Movies from many of them is quiet difficult but we have managed to do so. We have selected Anime Movies considering things like best anime movies all time, anime movies for kids, anime movies in English (so that most of the people can watch it), and entertaining one.

best anime movies to watch

Navigate to your favorite category and enjoy the anime movie. Here, the categorized anime movies also contains the mixed genre’s but the main genre which contains throughout the movie is categorized with that Genre name for your convenience to opt your favorite Genre without any difficulty.

Here, from the list of best anime movies, select your favorite one and watch them on the free anime movies online streaming sites.

Comedy: Anime Movies

Do you know anyone that doesn’t like Comedy? I hope most of us like to watch comedy movies in the same way Anime movies also contains comedy.

For sure you will enjoy the anime movies list.

Now, look into the list to know about the Anime movies list along with information related to the movie.

1. Coco (2017)best anime movies

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Rating: 8.4

Director: Adrian Molina (co-director), Lee Unkrich

Miguel is an aspiring musician and he confronts about his family generations (ancestral) music ban. He finds himself in a colorful and stunning land to showcase and prove his talent following mysterious events. On the way, he come front of Trickster Hector and they together go through the awesome journey and know’s about the Miguel family real history.

2. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)best anime movies

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Rating: 7.9

Director: Satoshi kon, Shogo Furuya (co-director)

The story begins with a Christmas Eve and the 3 homeless friends: transvestite (Hana), middle age bum, and a girl living on the Tokyo Streets. While they are searching inside the trash they find a newborn baby. Hana convinces others to keep the baby overnight with them. Next, they started the tracking the real parents of the baby and their journey is full of adventures.

3. A letter to momo (2011)best anime movies

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Rating: 7.3

Director: Hoiroyuki Okiura

Momo and her mother decides to move to inland sea after the death of her father Kazuo. While travelling momo carries her father’s unfinished letter that contains words “Dear Momo”. She was not comfortable in the new place and wanted to move back to Tokyo. She goes through the unexpected adventures and solves all the issues. To know what happens next go and watch the movie.

4. Zootopia (2016)best anime movies

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Rating: 8.0

Director: Rich Moore, Byron Howard

Zootopia is a mammal metropolis and here various types of animals live. Judy Hopps a rabbit becomes a police and thinks that enforcing laws are tough. Even though Judy didn’t give up and tries to prove herself as that point of time she gets a mysterious case. She has to work with Nick wilde fox and he makes her job even tougher. Whether Judy successful in solving the case? How Nick creates problems to Judy? To get all the answers go and watch the movie.

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5. The girl who leapt through time (2006)best anime movies

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Rating: 7.8

Director: Mamoru Hosoda

Makoto is a high chool girl who acquires power to travel in time. She thought to use the power for the personal benefits. Do she realize that misusing the power affects others as well as hers. How she uses the power? what she does using the powers?

6. Sausage Party (2016)best anime movies

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Rating: 6.2

Director: Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan

At local supermarket, the food items occupying the shelves having a good life. Hot dog bun, Frank, Brenda, Sammy Bagel Jr., Teresa Taco are waiting to go with happy customers. Later, the Frank comes to know the truth that they are are going to become a meal. He warns others because eventually they will also have similar fate and their plans to escape the human enemies is the whole story. Watch the full movie to know the story in detail.

7. Shaun the Sheep (2015)best anime movies

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Rating: 7.4

Director: Richard Starzak, Mark Burton

At a farm everything is going well except some of the animals as are trying to do something to get out of work. Shaun and his friends executes a plan to make their master sleep. Next, farmer, sheep along with caravan leads them to metropolitan city. It’s shaun and his friends responsibility to make everyone reach home safely. Will they successful in reaching home? What are the troubles they go through and how they face them?

8. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017)best anime movies

Genre: Comedy, Action

Rating: 6.2

Director: David Soren

Harold and George are overly imaginative person’s and pranksters. They spend hours of time in creating comic books. When the principal threatens them to separate classes, the boys hypnotize him. The principal becomes a dimwitted, enthusiastic, incredible superhero with name captain underpants. What is the next story? To know about it, you have to watch the full movie/

9. Ponyo (2008)best anime movies

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Rating: 7.7

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

The boy Sosuke encounters with princess goldfish. When their friendship grows the goldfish becomes more alike human and Sosuke gives here a name as Ponyo. Next, Ponyo’s father takes her back to their kingdom. But she want to live on the surface and she spills some magical elixir’s and that goes danger for the sosuke’s village. What happens next? Ponyo dream of living on land is fulfilled or not?

Action: Anime Movies

Most the adults and kids love the action sequences. The action genre includes physical feats, fighting, violence, and frantic chases.

If you are the one who loves action sequences in Anime movies, the below action movies are gathered especially for you.

10. Alita: Battle Angel (2019)best anime movies

Genre: Romance, Adventure, Action

Parent Guidance required for kids age below 13 years.

Rating: 7.6

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Several future centuries in the scrapyard, unconscious Alita is found by cyber doctor and Ido. When the girl awakens she has no memory of her past. Will she gain her memories and past life? How she navigates through the present  life and how Ido shields her from mysterious past is the story.

11. Sword Of The Stranger (2007)

Genre: Adventure, Action

Rating: 7.8

Director: Masahiro Ando

Swordsman is a person from a strange land. He was caught between devotion, righteousness, and morality and struggled in between them. He agrees to take a raggedy boy along with his dog to a Buddhist remote temple. What happens next? What are the adventures swordsman does? Go and watch the full movie.

12. 9 (2009)

Genre: Adventure, Action

Rating: 7.1

Director: Shane Acker

9 gets into a world where there is no existence of humans. The life signs available there are rag dolls like machines. However, 9 convinces comrades that the only way to save lives from the machines is to know why they are trying to kill humans. Is 9 successful in his plan? What is the full story? Go and watch the full movie to enjoy some adventure and action anime movie.

13. Redline (2009)

Genre: Romance, Action

Rating: 7.5

Director: Takeshi Koike

The redline is one of the best anime racing movie. Redline is the racer in the racing event. The redline wants to wins the race as the racing event occurs only once in 5 years. Is redline wins the race? What are the consequences he faces while racing? It is utmost action movie which is favorite for action lovers.

14. Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018)

Genre: Adventure, Action

Rating: 8.0

Director: Tatsuya Nagamine

After the occurance of planet Vegeta devastation, 3 saiyans scattered with different destinies. The broly, Vegeta, and Goku are warriors. However, the war sequences between the 3 saiyans is all about the movie. Why 3 saiyans fight? What is the end of the story?  You have to watch the movie to enjoy the best action sequences.

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15. Gintama (2017)

Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy

Rating: 6.3

Director: Yuichi Fukuda

The aliens invaded into Feudal Tokyo and conquered in one of the era. The young Samurai want to fight against it. Is it possible for him to fight against aliens? The action sequences are awesome and the action lovers completely enjoys them.

16. The Boy And The Beast (2015)

Genre: Adventure, Action

Rating: 7.7

Director: Mamoru Hosoda

Kyunta is a boy and slips into alternative universe of beasts and he is raised by Kumatetsu, bear man. To know in detail about how the life of kyuntu leads him into, you have to go and watch the movie.

Drama: Anime Movies

The drama genre is attached to emotional feelings and the dramatic themes are taken from the real life situations. It is some of kind of semi – fiction too and the tone of the story would be serious.

If you like to watch the semi – fiction and some kind of real life situation story lined anime movies. The movies are awaiting for you, scroll down to know about movies related to this genre.

17. The Wind Rises (2013)

Genre: Biography, Drama

Rating: 7.8

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

The man who designed Japanese fighter planes during World war II is Jiro Horikoshi. Hence, the movie storyline is all about the life of the Jiro Horikoshi. To know the history of the Japanese fighter plane designer, you must watch the movie.

18. A scanner darkly (2007)

Genre: Crime, Drama

Rating: 7.1

Director: Richard Linklater

One of the undercover cop is dangerous involved in a dangerous drug and as a result slowly begins to diminish his own identity. What is his story as a undercover cop and due to the change over in the future? To get answered the too many popping questions, you have to watch this amazing movie.

19. Blame! (2017)

Genre: Action, Drama

Rating: 6.7


In the future, the civilization is integrated along with cybertechnology and it results in the automated cities. The infectious virus causing the automated functions of the machines to malfunction. How the human’s own creation questioning humanity survival is the movie?

20. Wolf Children (2012)

Genre: Family, Drama

Rating: 8.1

Director: Mamoru Hosoda

Werewolf lover dies in an accident while searching food for their children. The mother of the children has to raise the kids and has to keep the secret hidden from the society. Here, the movie is whole journey of a family, their troubles, and situations.

21. A silent Voice (2016)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Rating: 8.2

Director: Naoko Yamada

A boy bullies a deaf girl in the school and she transfers to other school to stay away to all the hard situations. The boy is boycotted by the students due to his misbehavior. Years later he choose a path to save himself from the sins. What is his path? How his life is going to head?

22. Grave of the fireflies (1988)

Genre: War, Drama

Rating: 8.5


The American fire bomb during World war II separates children from their parents. The brother and sister completely depends on themselves to live and the struggles they go through for their survival against the odd situations is the movie. It is quiet motivating for kids to handle the tough situations to have a happy life.

Horror (Thriller): Anime Movies

Horror is a completely speculative fiction. If you are looking for anime movies which frightens you, watch the movies given below as we gathered few best movies related to this genre.

Don’t wait anymore, watch the below movies as they are scary and startling movies that gives you goosebumps.

23. Perfect Blue (1977)

Genre: Mystery, Horror

Rating: 7.9

Director: Satoshi Kon

A singer wishes to become an actress and leaves the band to pursue her dreams. She was posing for a magazine and performing as a rape victim but she was haunted by the past life reflections. To know what the full movie story is about, you must watch the movie.

24. Seoul station (2016)best anime movies

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Rating: 6.1

Director: Sang Ho Yeon

Many people are trying to survive from the Zombie Pandemic. The whole situations takes place in the seoul down town. A man searching for his daughter in the area where the government is shutting down due to the Zombie outbreak. You have to watch the movie to know how this movies is horror and thriller.

25. The king of pigs (2011)best anime movies

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Rating: 6.7

Director: Sang Ho Yeon

Kyung min & Jong suk are struggling in the fields to make their own business & literature. Once they meet up and discusses about their childhood memories which are almost 15 years earlier. What are their memories? How they are going to succeed in their life?

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SuperNatural/Fantasy: Anime Movies

The fantasy is also a part of fiction genre that  are inspired and designed by the real world myths. Most of the kids love to watch fantasy movies as they love the characters and stories as they are not present and happens in the real world.

Are you a kind of person who love to hear and watch fantasy stories? You are on your way to find the best anime movies here.

26. vampire hunter D: BlooodLust (2000)

Genre: Mystery, Horror

Rating: 7.7

Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri

In the distant and dark future, the undead is arisen from the apocalyptic ashes. A girl is kidnapped by a deadly vampire and a hunter is hired to bring the girl back. What is the story behind and after kidnapping the girl is the full movie story?

27. Colourful (2010)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Rating: 7.5

Director: Keiichi Hara

A soul gets into the body of the suicide student victim Makoto. It is the best opportunity to prove his rebirth and his existence. He has to reveal the 2 mysteries, the sin he committed in the past life and why Makoto taken wrong step of committing suicide. Will he successful in proving himself worthy in solving the mysteries? What is his full story can be known only by watching the movie.

28. Your Name (2016)best anime movies

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Rating: 8.4

Director: Makoto Shinkai

The rural school girl in Japan and the Tokyo high school boy swap bodies. What happen next? How they are connected and how the story is lined? To get these brain storming question answers, you must watch the movie.

29. Princess Mononoke (1997)

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

The children under 13 years must watch the movie under parent’s guidance.

Rating: 8.4

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Ashitaka is in a journey and in search of the cure to the Tatarigami’s curse. He comes across the war between Tatara and forest Gods. He also meets the Mononoke Hime San. Was he successful in searching cure for the curse? What are the situations he had gone through while he was on the way of his journey?

Sci-Fi (Scientific Fiction): Anime Movies

The scientific fiction usually about the scientific innovations. People are attracted to this genre as this kind of movies take people into a state of mind that is it possible in real life. The sci-fi genre usually deal with the futuristic and imaginative concepts that may or may not happen in the near future.

30. Ghost In The Shell (2017)

Genre: action, drama, sci-fi

Rating: 6.4

Director: Rupert Sanders

Major is the only human who got saved from the terrible crash. The terrorism had new features such as they can hack and control people’s mind. She is cyber enhanced and the perfect soldier to stop the world’s dangerous criminals. You have to watch the movie to know in details about how successful Major is?

31. Akira (1988)best anime movies

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Rating: 8.1

Director: Katsuhiro Otomo

The Japanese government attacks Tokyo with atomic bomb. After some years, Kaneda tries to save his friend Tetsuo from the government project. The movies is all about the supernatural powers and scientific fiction.

32. Memories (1995)best anime movies

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Rating: 7.6

Director: Tensai Okamura, Koji Morimoto

The memories movie is mix up story of the 3 different scientific fiction stories. To know what are those three stories and how they are lined up, you have to watch the movie. The direction and screenplay are most important things in this movie.

33. Space pirate captain Harlock (2010)

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: 7.2

Director: William Winckler

The captain Harlock and his group has to stop the alien Sinister from conquering our earth. How Harlock is successful in saving the earth?

Closing Thoughts: Best Anime Movies

We hope that the categorized best anime movies are also your favorites after watching them. If you have any queries, please let us know in the comment section. We look after that the queries are answered at the earliest possible without making you wait for much time.

Don’t watch the anime movie based on the IMDb rating because each and every person is not alike. In our research, some of the people liked the anime movies which has 6+ rating too, so pick the movie with story-line which had grabbed your attention.

If you think we had missed any anime movie adding in the list, please let us know in the comment section. We had created the list basing on our personal interest, reviews, and most watched anime movie list gathered by our experts. Basing on your reviews and comments, we will update the anime movies list.

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