18 Best Free & Cheap Sites For Podcast Hosting

The pod-casting isn’t a new trend in the industry. The marketer like Pat Flynn is utilizing it to a great extend. He has a separate category of Podcast on this blog Smartpassiveincome.  Podcasts can be consume very easily. They don’t take like written content. You can listen there while travelling also. I find it quire convenient to improve my knowledge in my working area. Podcasting isn’t easy. If you want to use it to promote your brand, then it needs a good practice. It should deliver value to the audience. People usually love to listen entertaining podcasts. Several websites offer free space to upload your podcasts. They might come with some restrictions, but it won’t affect you much if you are a beginner.

free podcast hosting sites

IF you are looking for more features in a podcast hosting space, then you can upgrade your current plan. Upload size limit is the big constraint with the free podcast hosting sites. This can give you pain if you are podcasting frequently. However, you can host your podcast on different free podcast uploading sites. It might take some time but you don’t have to spend a single penny.

Few Important points to consider a free podcast hosting service

  1. Check the no. of minutes an audio can be uploaded.
  2. If you can create your own homepage to show your feature podcasts.
  3. Check Directory service availability, so the visitors can browse other podcasts.
  4. Audio quality is good or not.

(Extra: Don’t forget to register yourself at iTunes Store podcast directory)

Let’s know about those free podcast hosting sites:-

Top 10 Free Podcast Hosting Sites

1. Amazon web service:-

Amazon web service is one of the most affordable cloud storage that is used for a number of purposes. Out of its many options, podcast hosting is the most popular one. It can be used for hosting the podcast without investing any amount using the free option of the service. The new members get an access to 5GB storage of Amazon S3 along with a limit of 15GB for data transfer.

Some of the features of this cloud storage are as follow:

  • Allocates more storage and bandwidth than the competitors
  • Hosting of file is free from the content of audio and podcast
  • Offers faster downloads
  • Provides paid storage in a month for $0.023 per GB

Amazon S3 is the ultimate choice if you are looking for a simple, free, flexible and affordable storage solution. This storage is being used in many multi-national companies for storing their data and information. Since it is easy to access and does not require any of the investment, it is growing popularly among the industries for using. Also since it is available on the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

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2. BuzzSprout:

With this podcast hosting you can get the access to both the free account as well as the paid account. You can initially utilize the “seedling” plan which will host your podcast for 90 days in a temporary manner along with uploading the files for 2 hours every month. If you want your podcast to be hosted for more amount of time then you can avail the plan that cost $12 per month. Under this plan, your podcast will be stored for an indefinite time.

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3. Podiant:-

This is the podcast hosting that has been receiving praises from the users as well as from the podcasting community. You can get a number of features once you choose the paid services from this brand. If you are availing a free account, then the only thing that will be lacking will be the access to the Podiant service support.

Some of the features of Podiant are as follow:

  • No limit on storage and bandwidth
  • Embedded podcast player on the website with each episode uploaded
  • Podiant directory maintaining the hosted podcast
  • Paid hosting plans start at $5 per month

4. Podigee:-

Just like many other podcast sites, this also offers free and paid accounts. With its free account, you will get an hour to upload audio every month and an email support for 72 hours. While using the paid account, you can get access to many of the advanced features along with lesser response time.

Some of its features are:

  • Unlimited number of podcasts can be hosted
  • Unlimited podcast downloads with functional web player for podcasts
  • Free website creation with customized hosting plans
  • Paid posting starts from $10 per month

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5. SoundCloud: –

It is one of the most popular available brands in the market. Though it is more popular for its music but it can provide podcasting facilities as well. It is the most reliable and fastest platform to publish the podcast and to listen to it instantly. The interactive interface makes the uploading process simpler. You just have to click on the ‘create’ button to upload your own podcast.

The free plans offer 3 hours for the uploaded content with the other basic features while the paid plans are available for $16 per month which allows limitless usage.

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6. Spreaker:-

This is a well-known commercial hosting service which offers limited free plans. Mostly, the free plan is used by those who want to try its services before actually buying the paid version. Also if you want your podcast to be uploaded for around 5 hours only then this podcast hosting is suitable for you.

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Some of its features are:

  • Displayed ads and live chats
  • Embedded player for hosting the podcast episodes
  • Podcast directory to maintain the hosted podcasts
  • Desktop and mobile apps available with multiple options for recording, uploading, etc.
  • Paid account can be accessed for $5.99 per month

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7. Archive.org:- 

This popular podcast host is sufficient for hosting any kind of files including the MP3 media files. This makes the suitable hosting website for the free accounts as it offers many features in that account. The drawbacks of the site are that it is a bit slow and replacing the podcast after uploading takes a lot of time.

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8. Ourmedia.org:-

This podcast hosting site is also known to offer many features in its free accounts. With an unlimited bandwidth of file, many listeners can listen to your podcasts. It allows faster upload of the podcast as compared to the other sites that offer free accounts. This also scans the podcast’s content and they don’t upload the podcast if they find anything inappropriate.

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9. Podomatic:-

With its interactive and easy interface, this offers 15GB bandwidth and 500MB storage space for the free accounts. However, it is time-consuming to upload the media files. It also allows to directly creating the podcasts on the site.

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10. Libsyn:-

This can be the most reliable and straightforward podcast hosting site that you can use. This site is not that easy as the others in the industry but once you get familiar with the site then it is very convenient to create and publish the podcasts. You get an initial plan for $5 per month, whereas you can upgrade your plan with $15 per month. There are no free accounts available on this site. 

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11. PodBean:-

This is one of the few podcast sites that are reliable, simple to use, has a good interface, is performance oriented and is cost effective. The users can easily use the site and can upload their podcast really quickly without any hassles. You have to pay $3 per month to get the basic 100MB uploading and 1GB bandwidth limit. However, if you want higher limits, then you can always pay more for that.

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12. Blubrry:-

You can use this podcast site and many of its advanced features by just paying a minimal amount of $12 per month. You will get 100MB storage, unlimited bandwidth and a web uploader with ease of using. There are no free accounts on this site. You can link your podcasts to your blog and website with the direct WordPress plugin that this site offers in all the plans.

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13. BlogTalkRadio:-

This podcast hosting site is bit expensive but can be a good option if you need powerful tools for your running and active podcasts. It provides a simple yet detailed interface that can help you to create, promote and publicize your podcasts. You will have to pay an amount of $39 per month for its feature of podcasting for 2 hours, unlimited uploads and hosting, scheduling the podcast, creating live podcasts, etc. If you don’t want to try this plan then you can try the free Tryout plan and can get 30 minutes of the podcast with limited analytical features.

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14. Podcast Blastoff:-

With hosting the podcast you can also create your website in many themes, designs and templates with this site. You can view the stats of your podcast along with the general features of creating, uploading, scheduling and storing the podcasts. The site developed with this will have a much professional touch without the need for any coding. With the BlastPod Post Editor, you can add images, links, and YouTube videos to your podcasts.

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15. Squarespace:-

This is best for the beginners. With easy to features, the beginners can easily upload and manage all of their podcasts by getting instructions on every step. They can try the free plan and then can choose the plan according to their requirements.

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16. YouTube:-

It is one of the best places to upload your podcasts as it has huge audience pool. It is simple to use and offers interactive interface along with offering many advanced features. The best combination is that of YouTube with SoundCloud or PodBean. Though, it does not support MP3 media so you need to convert them to MP4 format. This can provide the much-needed attention to your podcasts.

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17. Pinecast:-

This site is the right combination of simplicity, interactive interface, and powerful performance. It offers maximum visibility to the podcasts with easy uploading options. There is a free account but with paying $5 per month for the paid account you can get the maximum benefits of unlimited bandwidth, storage, and analytics.

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18. Fireside:-

It is one of the few sites that offer maximum features with both the free and paid accounts. It combines the benefits of simplicity and power in the best possible manner for its users. It allows instant uploading of the podcasts from the local imports or from the cloud storage. It works very similar to WordPress, thus can easily be used. By paying $19 per month you can get unlimited storage, bandwidth, analytics and access to your podcasts. Along with this, you can also promote your podcast on the available homepage of your own.

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Final Words:-

These are the free podcast hosting sites. Try them and let me know which one suits you better. If you are currently using any free podcast hosting service then mention in your comment. I would love to add that in this post.


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