Black Mirror Season 5 Release Date, Plot And Trailer

The Black Mirror has been a great success on Netflix since its debut on a digital platform.  All the previous seasons of this scarily accurate sci-fi anthology series was loved by the viewers.The fifth season of Black Mirror was also officially announced in March 2018, and since then we’re waiting for the next installment of Black Mirror on Netflix.

Netflix hasn’t yet revealed its plan about the release date of Black Mirror season 5,but it’s expected that we would be able to witness the thrill of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian anthology series Black Mirror in 2018 only. It’s not just guess work, but we’ve made some analysis before coming to this conclusion.

After getting the news about releasing year, now you must be more excited to know everything about the fifth installment of Black Mirror. So, here we have all the updated news related to your favorite Netflix show.

Black Mirror Season 5: Release Date

Netflix hasn’t announced the official release date for anthology science fiction but according to Bloomberg, the next season of Black Mirror will launch on Netflix by the end of 2018. It may be possible that the latest season of Black Mirror will fall on the same time frame like its fourth season. Hope you remember that it was 29 December 2017 when the Black Mirror Season 4 debuted on Netflix. We are sure that Netflix will have this entertaining installment of hugely successful Black Mirror either by the end of 2018 or with the rise of 2019.

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Black Mirror Season 5: Plot

Brooker has been very vocal about the plot of Black Mirror and once he said that he doesn’t want to hit the same bell again even though it’s tempting. So it’s clear that this time what we’re going to watch will be different. But will it be better than the previous version too?

Well, I think so. Hope you remember that the show has promised that the future will be“brighter than ever.” So this clue reveals that Season 5 is going to be different yet amazing. We’re still waiting for an update of Black Mirror Season 5, like the total number of episodes for the coming season. When will it drop? And who will be the cast? But as of now, we don’t know much. I think this is what Brooker wants. The producers are keeping all the news related to Black Mirror Season 5 under the wrap.

The shooting of the coming season has been started in April 2018. As per leaked photos of sets, its look like that this installment will be based on 1980s Britain.

Presumably, Black Mirror Season 5 will have multiple climax episodes. Netflix will give the rights to its viewer to decide the climax of the latest season. This news has raised our excitement to get the glimpse of Black Mirror Season 5 even more a sit’s going to be an awesome experience for us as fans to choose our own adventure for an episode.

Trailer of Black Mirror Season 5

Trailer of Black Mirror is not yet released by Netflix. Yes, an announcement teaser has been out which has a few old clips. But as guessed, if the show will be on air in December 2018 then we can expect the trailer of Black Mirror Season 5 anytime soon.

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