Brian Alsruhe Biography, Wife, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Birthday, family, and other exciting Facts.

He was born on 26th May 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. His parents, Dave and Connie Alsruhe, were very hardworking that by the time Brian was the age of 5, he had already known this. Dave was an accountant as well as Connie was a carpenter. 

Alsruhe went to South Carroll high school and then proceeded to Mount ST. Mary’s University, 2002. In his teenage life, Alsruhe joined the kickboxing club while he was playing for his high school basketball team. And thus made Alsruhe proceed to train in MMA to improve more on his body and athletics skills. The Northern Carolina gave him the scholarship to play for collegiate baseball, but due to his severe injuries at the Knee made to ignore the chance.

Alsruhe got influenced in weightlifting from his high school friend and classmate Mike Jenkins. Also, the coach of his friend, David Lee, felt that Alsruhe had the excellent potential for weightlifting. It was till the death of Mike in 2013 that made Alsruhe give it a shot. 

April 2014 Brian Alsruhe tried his best and participated, and was recognized the winner at his first competition.

Brian Alsruhe: Dating, Girlfriend, and Wife

Brian got married to a licensed counsellor and a lady weightlifting participant and champion, Alena Alsruhe, 2008. They both run the NEVERsate gym, and they celebrated their 10th anniversary on 4th October 2018. Both are maintaining to construct their marital relationship, and much of their love affairs are kept private. 

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Brian Alsruhe: Height and Weight

As the strongest man in Maryland, Brian Alsruhe weighs 230 pounds and has the height of 6-feet.

Brian Alsruhe: Net Worth

Alsruhe being a hardworking guy has managed to get a lot of dollars from his online coaching tutorial of bodybuilding, his NEVERsate gym, social influencer, and Karate. It is estimated to have a net worth of $350,000.

Brian Alsruhe: Social Media  

Being a social influencer, Alsruhe runs a YouTube channel called Brian Alsruhe, which has 188K subscribers. Also has an Instagram account named Brian Alsruhe @NEVERsate. He has the website, NEVERsate, which helps him to coach his clients who want to be professional athletes starting from scratch.

Brian Alsruhe: Steroids and Health.

According to Brian, he had never seen the need for steroids and strictly ignored the media of accusing him of the usage of steroids. Despite having the injuries of the two broken backs, Knee, dislocations, herniated discs, and ligament-tendons tear and abscess, Alsruhe was placed in a particular treatment and recovered. Of late, he is of good health and continues with his daily activities of training and coaching people.


Brian Alsruhe is a guy who has tried his level best to get what he wants from this world despite setbacks of getting severe injuries. He didn’t use the excuse of injuries but used it as a motivation towards his goals.


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