10 Drug Dealer Movies Based On True Stories Hollywood

Drug dealer movies based on true stories are more interesting to watch for everyone who enjoys crime and suspense thriller movies. To give you the best movies based on drug dealing true stories, we researched a lot, found few direct related stories, and few are loosely bound true stories those are based on the situations happened around the world.

drug dealer movies based on true stories

I don’t want to waste your time, so moving on to the list of drug dealer movies based on true stories that most of the people wish to watch.

Drug Dealer Movies Based on True Stories

Drug dealer movies actually comes under crime genre along with mixed genres like thrilling, action, etc. If you like crime stories which are based on true stories, you can check horror movies inspired by Ed Gein serial killer.

You can go through the below list of drug dealer movies along with the information regarding each movie in detail.

#1 Maria Full Of Grace (2004)

drug dealer movies based on true stories Director: Joshua Marston

Cast: Guilied Lopez, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Orlando Tobon

A pregnant women is desperately in need of a job. She encounters with Franklin and he offers her drug mule job.

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The cocaine pellets in stomach are transferred to other place. What happens to her? How her life transforms? To clear off all the questions, you have to watch the movie.

#2 Traffic (2000)

drug dealer movies based on true storiesDirector: Steven Soderbergh

Cast: Catherine Zeta Jones, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Douglas

The story is all about the fight against the drugs that are happened through many interconnected stories.

The judge of supreme court is unaware that his daughter is drug addict.

What happens next? How the story is turned?

#3 City Of God (2002)

drug dealer movies based on true storiesDirector: Fernanado Meirelles, Katia Lund

Cast: Matheus Nachtergaele, Leandro Firmino, Alexandre Rodrigues

The two people are diversified in their paths one a photographer and the other as drug dealer. Here, the drug dealer uses the photographer to benefit his drug dealing business. How the drug dealer used the photographer? Is photographer unaware of using him and his work by the drug dealer? What is the full story and how the director turns the story?

#4 American Gangster (2007)

drug dealer movies based on true storiesDirector: Ridley Scott

Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Russell crowe, Denzel washington

The movie American Gangster is about Frank Lucas drug dealer and the Richie Roberts honest cop.

How the cop tracks down the drug dealer is the movie. This is movie is inspired by the real life incidents of one of the drug lord.

#5 Sicario (2015)

drug dealer movies based on true storiesDirector: Denis Villeneuve

Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt

The FBI agent faces many problems and situation while stopping the dangerous drug operation between Mexico and US. Is the FBI agent successful in stopping the dangerous drug deal? What are the consequences of completing the deal? How thrilling has the director taken the movie? You are all set to watch the movie to get answered for all the questions ringing in your mind.

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#6 Elite Squad (2007)

Director: Jose Padilha

Cast: Caio Junqueira, Andre Ramiro, Wagner Moura

The Roberto Nascimento narrates the storyline of the movie. Here, the drug lords and the police cooperate to each other.

Why they are cooperating to each other? Will the drug deals continues or there is an end to it? You have to watch the movie to know how situations are going to impact the story-line.

#7 No country for old men (2007)

drug dealer movies based on true storiesDirector: Joel coen, Ethan Coen

cast: Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Tommy lee Jones

The Llewelyn is a hunter and he finds many remains of drug runners. He finds lots of money and he takes it with him.

What happens next? Will drug dealer’s follow Llewelyn for money? What do Llewelyn do? How director takes the story to an end?

#8 Cartel Land (2015)

Director: Matthew Heineman

cast: Jose manuel, Tim nailer foley, Paco Valencia

The director storied the ongoing problem of drug along the Mexican and US border. How the story is portrayed on the screen?

What is the issue and how the story gist is maintained? You have to watch the movie to get out of all the suspense’s.

#9 Dredd (2012)

drug dealer movies based on true storiesDirector: Pete Travis

cast: Lena Headey, Olivia Thirlby, Karl Urban

The police has the authority to jury, judge, executioner. Here, the cops team up with a trainee and catches the gang who deals with drugs.

What is the drug? How the team catches the drug dealer? What are the consequences they go through while catching the drug dealer?

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#10 The raid: redemption (2011)

Director: Gareth Evans

cast: Ray Sahetapy, Ananda George, Iko Uwais

Tama is a drug lord invades into the apartment along with his gang.

The Police has to fight against the odd situation with limited bullets.

What happens next? Are police successful in the mission? What is the complete story?

Wrapping It Up: Drug Dealer Movies Based On True Stories

Drug dealer movies based on true stories is one type of the suspense thriller category. Hope our selection of movies are interesting to watch for you. The drug dealer movies are not completely based on one story and related to the problematic situations that had occurred around the world.

If you have any queries, please let us know in the comment section. We get in touch to clear all your queries at the earliest possible.

Do you know any drug dealing movies that we missed out from the list? Please, let us know we always update list to give our followers and viewers best of all.

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