Is There Going to be a Season 6 of Teen Titans?

If you are here, you must know about Teen Titans. If you need a reminder, Teen Titans was an animated series that ran on Cartoon Network from 2003 to 2006,and after the fifth season, it got canceled,though, the series was followed by a TV movie, ‘Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo’ in 2006. The show was an adaptation from the DC Comics superhero team. The show was very well received and loved by the viewers and was appreciated for its fascinating storyline, serious theme, and quirky lines delivery. It was devastating for the fans when the show got canceled in 2006.

The show’s reruns were seen on Boomerang and Cartoon Network. Another show with the name ‘Teen Titans Go!’ was started in 2013 with the same voiceovers but different everything else. In July 2018, a movie with the name ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’ was released and shortly after that news came from one of the voice over artist of the show that if the movie does well, there is a chance that the show ‘Teen Titans’ would be resumed and the fans get to watch the sixth season of the show.

Is There Going to be a Season 6 of Teen Titans

So, after all these years, we got a ray of hope about the next season of the series,and we just don’t want to let it die. We don’t have any further information about anything on this matter,butsome rumors suggest that the sixth season would be aired in 2019. Here is a little plot detail about the show.

Teen Titans: Plot

The show revolves around 5 main characters of a superhero team, Robin is the leader of the group, Starfire is an alien princess from Tamaran planet, Cyborg is a half human and half robot, Raven is a girl from the parallel world Azarath, and lastly the Beast Boy who possess the ability to transform into different animals.

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In different previous seasons, each season is dedicated to a specific superhero and highlight his/her abilities and strengths. The team tries to stop and eliminate all sorts of criminal activities happening in the city together. Slade is the main villain against whom the team has to face many fights. The team gets help from several allies in every season, such asAqualad, Terra, Speedy, Hotspot, Wildebeest, and many others.

Teen Titans Season 6: Voice Over Artists

We hope that the voice over artists remainsthe same as the previous five seasons. Below is the voice over artists that gave the characters a specific identity with their voice.

–  Scott Menville as Robin

–  HyndenWalch as Starfire

–  Greg Cipes as Beast Boy

–  Tara Strong as Raven

–  Lauren Tom as Gizmo and Jinx

–  Khary Payton as Cyborg

–  Ashley Kenny as Terra

– Mark Hamill as Joker, etc.

Well, as a fan of Teen Titans, we wish to watch the season 6 soon. We will keep you updated with everything we get to know about further progress with the season 6.

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