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Born Joey Sergo, Swoll is a body builder who has always been extremely fit and active since his formative years. He was born in January of 1986. Growing up, Joey would participate in various sports, and always had a competitive spirit within him. He won multiple titles in his high school day when he played for the football team.

After high school, Joey went to college in another city. He did not know anyone, and the place was unfamiliar to him. Joey faced some adversity that made him who he is today. He had a hard time making friends and was frequently bullied.

He often felt embarrassed and like a failure. He started living in the cafeteria that was close to a local gym, and that is where he discovered bodybuilding, which was an outlet to him and helped him in managing his stress and frustrations.

Beginning of a Career

He made sure he went to the gym frequently, always lifting weights and working out. At the time, he was doing this to release his anger and frustrations. He channeled all his negative emotions to the gym and lifted more and more.

Joey Swoll • Height • Weight • Size • Body • Measurements • Biography • Wiki • Age (1)

With time, his body started to change. He began to grow bigger, and the compliments started coming in. This feeling made him feel incredible and boosted his morale to lift even more. He changed his workout schedule and went to the gym in the evenings to avoid eyes from staring and distracting him. He was focused, he wanted to be the best.

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Years of hard work and pain in the gym sweating and toiling turned his body into a magnificent physique. He decided to become a full-time bodybuilder and a fitness model to bring encouragement and inspiration to people. 

A life of success

Being a full-time bodybuilder meant that Joey was going to do it as a job, although he has stated that he did not feel like it was a job for him. He would spend the whole day preparing meals and in the gym. Joey has managed to become one of the most know bodybuilders in his time. His impressive physique is an inspiration for many to do more in the gym and lead healthier lives.

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Joey is also a co-founder of a supplement company, apart from being a fitness model and a social media celebrity. He has also managed to publish his own book, where he advises people on the various training methods.

Being a victim of bullying, he is a big advocate on the dangers of bullying, and he established a non-profit organization called “Flex Your Heart.”

Joey Swoll’s net-worth

According to sources, as of 2018, Joey Swoll was said to be worth $4 million. All this wealth he has accrued from wellness and lifestyle-related fields. He also sells his “Train Harder Than Me,” which is also a source of income.

Joey’s dating life

Joey has managed to keep his private life under wraps. Not much is known on his dating life or relationship status on social media, Swoll has a massive following of about 2,051,000 followers.



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