Money Heist Season 3: Release Date and Cast

Money Heist is a Spanish crime series (originally named ‘La Casa de Papel’ and the direct translation is ‘House of Paper’) that has now become one of the year’s most-watched non-English language show on the Netflix. We are huge fans of the drama and you will also be nothing but hooked up only with the trailer or just watching the first episode of the series.

Without revealing all the suspense, here is the plot of the series:

There is a man, known by the mysterious name of EI Professor, who has planned the biggest robberyever. His plan is ready and in order to execute the plan, he recruits eight people who have some specific abilities and make his gang. The plan is to enter the Royal Mint of Spain, stay there for eleven days in isolation and print 2.4 billion Euros. In order to carry out the plan, they will have to deal with the best forces of the police and sixty-seven hostages.

The first two seasons are streaming on Netflix now as the series was picked up by the online streaming giant after it got widely popular in Spain. The heist drama series has gained its popularity season after season and now it seems set to be ready for some bigger heist in the third season. The next series will be exclusively produced for the Netflix and you can expect it to be more exciting than ever.

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Money Heist Season 3 Release Date:

A release date for the show is still not announced but according to rumors, it will release around May 2019.

Money Heist Season 3 Cast:

The producers and the online streaming giants have not yet revealed the cast of season 3 and there is no surprise in this as not much information was revealed for the previous seasons before their airing. Despite the silence, we can be sure that it will be directed by Alex Pina, the director of the original two-part series. Also, Alvaro Morte, EI Professor will also be there in the cast as he plans new heists. Other than that we are not really sure if the rest of the team will be back or not but we surely want them back, don’t we? There may be some new additions in the casting and we will keep you updated as we get anything new about the series.

Money Heist Season 3 Trailer

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