Nanbaka Season 3: Release Date, Rumors, and Episodes

Nanbaka is a rage ever since its first season and people across the world are madly in love with it.   Both the previous seasons of Nanbaka had 25 episodes with first season broadcasted on 5 October, 2016 and second was released on 4th Jan, 2017.  Fans of the show are anxiously waiting for the third season.

The prior two seasons were hilarious along with a firm plot that kept its audience intact with both earlier seasons. People’s expectation is high with the forthcoming 3rd season too and rumours are rolling all around about the 3rd season of Nanbaka going on the floor. However, there has been no official announcement and update so far about the third season of Nanbaka.

Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date

We request fans  to not to panic and get disheartened as through  reliable sources, we have come to know that the show will hit the screen soon in this year with its third season. As per reports, Satellite studio has confirmed the news about the show and is expected to be formed under the direction of Shinji Takamatsu. It couldn’t be a 25 episode season and rumours about the episodes of this season are that season 3 would shrivel to 12 episodes only.

 Main characters in season 3

Nico, Juugo, Uno and Rock are characters in lead.

 The Plot of Nanbaka Season 3:

Amidst the rumours and desperation across the world to see more seasons of it, we bring you plot of season 3 to give some sign of relief. Anime’s next season is about a prison in Japan that is called impenetrable prison, guarded with high tech security system and sky scrapping walls. It has got modern technology security system and is covered with huge walls. The main character Uno, Nico, Juugo and Rock are imprisoned and are allotted numberw just like every prisoner is. Juugo is prisoner number 15 living in hatred of oculist. He often plans to escape as he feels that it can be done too easily.

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The Plot of Nanbaka Season 3

Uno, on the other hand, is an 11 number prisoner passionate to play poker. He is sharp and a fraud that not even left the world of gambling.  Nico, a 25 number prisoner is an American in love with anime. He firmly believes that one day entire world will get under the control of anime. Rock got 69 number, who is again an American that tempts for Donuts always. They all are sent to Nanba which can be escaped by Juugo only. Juugo has some super natural power that enables him to convert his hands into blades.

Elf of the Nanba prisoner is looking for a body as strange like Juugo to experiment. Juugo now sketches to save his friends from the awe of scarred guy. You can see rest of the part of story in Nanbaka, Season 3.

Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date:

Nanbaka Anime series is immensely popular series in USA and Japan. Its release date of season 3 is yet not officially announced but it is very much evident that Studio is working on Nanbaka Season 3 and you may get to see it soon

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