Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers, Release Date 2018, Latest Updates

Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers, Release Date 2018, Updates:- There are total 2 seasons of Nisekoi which has been released by Aniplex of America. Both series got a good rating and support from there fans but still, the second season does not get so much fame as compared to the first season which is the basic reason of suspense whether the Nisekoi Season 3 will get aired or not. Despite earning negative responses for Nisekoi Season 2 a huge fan base still wants to watch season 3 and wondering whether their hopes will come true or not. We are here going to discuss over this major question in hope of solving your queries.

Nisekoi series is based on a very popular and special concept of romance which is liked by every person especially more desiring one for youngsters but unfortunately, it does not meets the expectation and even after having this layout of romantic comedy the anime series looks boring and very much predictable. The Nisekoi anime series got the mixed up response from its viewers where some likes to watch it and others feel waste of time. The romantic love story of Nisekoi revolves around a 10 year old kid who is not having enough knowledge and understanding without any new thing or story.

Nisekoi meaning “False Love” is a manga anime series whose first season got air from 11 January to 24 May 2014 which is based on a fake relationship. After the first season another season got aired from 10 April to 26 June 2015 and now the lovers of Nisekoi are waiting for the Nisekoi season 3. This series has been adapted from the manga series of 2011 which was named by Naoshi Komi. This series has also got good fame with a pretty well and enjoyable storyline.

The viewers found this series good but it fails in impressing critics as according to them this anime is not composed of appropriate emotions and feeling of any manga series. This anime has been adapted by Studio shaft and faced a good amount criticism, even after this criticism popular sites like My anime list and IMDB still has good ratings of this Nisekoi series in you wonder why then the basic reason is its storyline which is based on the dream of each boy in all over the world.

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Plotting and Story of Nisekoi Series

Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers, Release Date 2018

The whole story of Nisekoi revolves around a boy who is a student of high school named as Raku Ichijo, the son of Shuei-Gumi who is the boss of the Yakuza gangster. Yaku has got the personality of a hesitant and shy boy in this series with a female lead named as Chitoge Kirisaki. She is the daughter of a Beehive leader who is a rival syndicate, opposite to Raku, Chitoge has got a very strong and confident personality in this series despite being a woman. In this series, Raku Ichijo belongs from a background of gangsters but instead, he avoids to show this personality and wants to lead a life like a normal teenager.

In his childhood, Raku promises a girl that they will marry each other on getting young and this lovely childhood couple has a pair of the locket and a key from which Raku takes the locket and girl took the key of it and on an instance after some time they both get separated from each other. Raku desperately gets in the search of a girl who has the key of his locket for complete 10 years.

In this anime series after it, the entry of Chitoge Kirisaki takes place where she does not like Raku at her first sight during their first day in school and similar happens to Raku he also does not like her and named her as Gorilla. They both forced up in a relationship unwillingly by their family members and later on for maintaining peace in between both rivals they were imposed to tie a knot with each other. There wedding brings up a great twist in the series when both of them decides to live in a fake relationship so that the city will be saved from a deadly massacre but this situation gets more typical and complicated with the entry of a girl in the life of Raku.

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The childhood love of Raku, Kosaki Onodera comes up in Raku’s life and he is also in hope that she might be having the key to his locket. After meeting Raku, Kosaki starts developing feelings for him and wants to make him out from this fake relationship. But this is not the end of series and becomes very weird when each girl from high school start falling for Raku and everything becomes complicated.

There was a girl named Marika she thought that the key to Raku’s locket is being possessed by her and soon she learns this fact she announces her feelings for Raku openly and even after this declaration becomes the fiancee of him. Another girl Seishiro who is a very rough and tough girl and the bodyguard of Chitoge even after presenting a rough and tough role she too falls for Raku. This list of girls do not end here another name in this love list is of Haru who is the Kosaki’s younger sister who supports her sister in getting a relationship with Raku and she also knows that he is a pervert but still she got to fall in love with him.

A girl 2 year older than Raku named Yui Kanakura who is also the teacher of Raku and he looks her as his older sister too falls for him and does not get any control over her. Every boy dreams to have a life like this as of Raku who is a heart throbber for each girl in his school well this story does not end up here it seems interesting to let us go to the other part of the story.

So, after falling off every girl in love with Raku he starts developing something for Chitoge and Kosaki and got confused between both of them. He becomes unable in understanding whom to choose as he comes to learn that he loves Kosaki a lot but he also comes up to learn that he has started developing feelings for Chitoge. So, this was a storyline of Nisekoi now you might be thinking there are still various reasons for getting another season of this series as the story is still remaining.

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Updates related to Nisekoi Season 3 release

We come up to see the story is not yet complete but there are still lots of reasons for not uploading next season. This manga series is composed of total 25 volumes by 2016 and it got to end up by choosing Chitoge above Kosaki and going to marry her. This results that conclusion of the story is already known and it will sound very boring to show it up for all fans and also the second season was not very much success with a very slow story. While in the first season of Nisekoi there are total 20 episodes and each episode was very interesting while the season 2 was composed of total 12 episodes and comes up with bad plotting and story as it does not move anywhere. Let us aware you from another bad fact that Japanese animation studio only focuses on the response of show in their country i.e, in Japan it won’t matter how well it did in other foreign countries if it won’t work in Japan then the show may got packed inside the box.

There are still lots of rumors and hopes that the Nisekoi season 3 will never be going to release and there are more chances of negativity but miracles also happen maybe for an unexpected change studio will bring the next season we can not predict anything there are just possibilities. Its been too long and there is no official announcement from the studio so according to us, the season has ended up with 2 seasons.

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