One Punch Man Season 3: Release Countdown, Plot, And Updates

If you’ve seen the Season 2 of the superhero webcomic One-Punch Man, you’re aware of how ungratifying it was as a finale; it left us with a whole lot of questions, and though the makers haven’t officially confirmed a Season 3 yet, fans are very sure that the show has to return to set things right. ‘This can’t be the end,’ screamed everyone unanimously when season 2 ended last year. The show has a history of making fans wait; the first season premiered in 2015, post which the fandom had to wait four years till the next season. And the second season was quite lacklustre, to be honest, which disappointed fans massively. 

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Rumors, Plot, And Updates

One-Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, a 26-year-old Japanese superhero who can defeat anyone with one punch; but Saitama is so powerful that he hasn’t actually found a worthy opponent yet, someone who can retaliate in some way. He does not have a specific, non-human superpower, but his physical prowess is basically much more amplified than any average human, as he has magnified speed, stamina and strength. 

Saitama enters the Hero Association in the lowest rank, but catches up soon, thanks to his supercharged feats of strength. Season 2 of the show ended on a major cliff-hanger, and there are a a huge number of rumours surrounding its return, and here’s everything you need to know about it:

Season 3 rumours

The official Twitter account of One Punch Man announced that a third season is in the works, though no dates were confirmed. The show is based on the manga comic series by Japanese illustrator ONE and Yusuke Murata and is one of the very few Manga shows which also found a huge number of followers in the west. Season two of One-Punch Man was quite eventful, though it was quite unsatisfying; it brought in the martial arts prodigy and hero-hunter Garou, the series’ first anti-hero, and quite a line-up of supporting characters. 

Season 2’s build-up had fans convinced that there will definitely be a Season 3, hopefully by 2021. Iconic animation director Shingo Natsume and MadHouse Entertainment were responsible for the fantastic first season, but couldn’t return for the second one. Fans really want the makers to rehire this team to make up for the disappointing second season.

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Plus, Season 2 had epically side-lined the One-Punch Man or Saitama, and that just didn’t fly with the fans; what’s One-Punch Man without Saitama’s punches? But Season 2 actually focused on Garou more, which was a really flawed move. Garou being a human is an ally to the monsters, and hunts heroes, and while that is a fantastic arc, no subplot should overstep the titular character; Season 2 should really have involved Saitama more. The season also gave really full narratives to the other S-Class heroes, which took up a lot of space. 

The plot so far

Season 2 ended with Garou being taken to the Monster King Lord Orochi; this could end in a lot of ways, and could really define Garou’s next trajectory, Maybe he will shun the monsters or try to be independent, but the cliffhanger is the exact reason why fans think the show has to be back. Season 2’s end also teased the Monster Association further with villains like Overgrown Rover and Black Sperm which means in the next season, they will have a lot to do. It became more clear at the end of Season 2, that the entire season was meant to serve as a set-up to the next one; Season 3 will hopefully feature the much-awaited big battle between the heroes and the monsters. Plus, Saitama who is still in B-Class, clearly is geared up for a promotion; he did rise through the ranks quite a bit, but not nearly enough, considering his strength. Fans widely believe Season 3 will rectify that. 

One-on-one battles are a huge draw for this particular anime, and Season 3 is definitely getting some of those, considering quite a few character arcs need to be developed before the big battle. If they do fix the animation by Season 3 (which they really should), these combats could be seriously incredible. The Orochi vs Saitama battle is also something the fandom has been anxious for; the Monster King is a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and the leader of the Monster 

Association and all-in-all quite intimidating. Everyone really wants to know if Orochi is a worthy antagonist to Saitama, and if he can actually stand his punches and retaliate. That being said, we still don’t know a lot about Orochi. Season 3 really needs to give us some perspective on the monster lord, especially since the S-Class heroes have such well-etched out characters. It’s important to note that the show had to develop its slew of supporting characters because if it relied only on Saitama, the show would be over in just a few episodes, because he is just that powerful and invincible. But side-lining him completely was a really weak move, and makers were criticized relentlessly. Season 3 will hopefully restore the balance. 

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