Quanzhi Fashi Season 4 : All You Need to Know

For all those who were wondering when the fourth season of their favourite anime show, Quanzhi Fashi would be released, the time is finally here! We bring to you some really good news!

“Full-time Magister” or Quanzhi Fashi is an anime series that won all hearts with its previous releases. It is an adaptation of the original script by Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment. They had released the show in various genres such as supernatural, magic, fantasy and action etc.

Quanzhi Fashi Season 4 All You Need to Know

The first season was aired on the 2nd of September, 2016. It took no time before the show swooned its fans! With an audience in the age group of 17 years and above, the show has never failed to disappoint its fans. Periodic releases revolving around a guy called Mo Fan were made to keep the audience hooked to the show.

Since some time, there was a lot of discussion regarding when the next season would be aired. There were speculations, apprehensions and debates that are now put to rest! The producers have announced the return of the show to happen very soon!

Plot of the show

The series is all about the Mo Fan, a student of the regular Chinese school. It starts when he wakes up in a world of MAGIC! The new world that he is in now doesn’t have all the technological advancements or civilization like his previous world, where he was when he went into slumber.

The new world has magic leading everything. His school is also encouraging each student to follow magic and become only a magician and nothing else, because people are unaware of anything else!

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But, what makes the show interesting is that there is not a lot of change in Mo Fan’s personal life, despite the fact that his surroundings have completely altered now. Till now, his sister, younger to him and handicapped, depends on him like before.

In this new world that he has entered, each one is able to control only one of the natural elements. Can Mo Fan work his way out?

Being the protagonist, he also has to make a lot of changes in his attitude as well. In his past world, he took no interest in regular and important subjects. However, now things have changed! He gets to know that his element would be fire and he would be subject to its power only. This gives him an edge over his peers and friends.

However, life is not as simple as it seems! Fate awaits Mo Fan for a surprise. He gets to tame lightning! That is a great power and he needs to control it! A constant fight between people and the dangerous monsters with the help of magical powers is the main theme of the show.

However, how is it all supposed to end? We will get to know very very soon!

Stay tuned to this space for more updates on Quanzhi Fashi Season 4.


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