5+ Reasons Why Movies Are Better Than Books

Why movies are better than books? It is the ringing mark question to most of the people. The people who like movies or books want to know reasons why movies are better than books. However, vice-versa is also possible but now we are focusing on the reasons behind importance of movies than books.

You have to read till the end to know the reasons why movies superior books.

Reasons Why Movies Are Better Than Books

You can go through the reasons why movies are better than books for your better understanding.

1. Easy To Understand

On comparing movies with books, movies are more easy to understand. If you watch a movie even if you don’t know the language, you can understand the situation basing on the actors actions/facial expressions. But books are not that easy, if you don’t know the language, you are not able to understand it at any cost.

Most of the people watches other languages movies without understanding the language but they can’t read books without knowing the language.

If you know the language also movies are far easy to understand than books. The motion picture is more powerful on our mind than letters.

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2. More Engaging

Do you feel books are more engaging or movies? Most of the people answer would be movies, yes most of the people feel movies are more engaging as visual experience is most liked by people than imagination in books.

3. Time

If you want to read a book of 400 pages, it takes time depending on your mood. Most of the people like to read summary of the book to know the story but, it won’t give you the in-detail reading experience. But, movies are not so, you can watch the movie at a stretch and it takes less time than reading a book.

People are not having much time to read books because everyone is busy in the hectic work schedules. Books are something that requires much concentration to understand the gist of the book. In movies, even if you are not interested, the visual effects makes you to attract towards it, and makes you understand the movie story with ease.

Time is one of the main reason to depict movies are better than books. For example, Harry potter we have it in the form of book and movies. It’s better to watch the movie section to save time and to get extraordinary experience which saves lot of time.

4. Environment Friendly

Do you know, how many trees are cut down to make a paper? But, movies are not like that which is visual thing which requires space in the electronic devices.

Hence, books are also available in the form of E-books. But, rather than reading a book from electronic devices, it’s better to watch a movie. If you read a book from electronic devices, you should concentrate on the electronic screen to get best reading experience but due to this your eyes get strain.

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5. Visualization Versus Imagination

Visualization is more easy than imagination. You have to just watch the movie to understand the story of it but, in case of books, you have to imagine the situation while reading books.

However, it is known fact that what we see has more impact on our brain and easy to understand than imagination which gives more stress on your brain. In this case, we can clearly understand that visualization is more easier than imagination.

6. Repeating

Do you read a book repeatedly? Most of the people answer is no but, some may interested to read. Here, we are focusing on the most of the people opinion who can’t read the book repeatedly. But, in the case of movies people usually watches the movies repeatedly to have a happy time.

7. Brief

In books we have elaborate form of story but in movies everything is crisp, clear and completes in the given time. For example, 1-2 pages of the book takes only 2-3 minutes of a movie. The whole story in the page is shown in brief form in the movie.

8. Songs/Background Music

In movies, there are background score and songs which has continuation story for relaxation. But, in books, we do not find such kind of entertainment. We have to stay focused on the context of the book to make yourself understand the gist of the lines and words.

9. Interest

If you look after the interest in the person, most of the people wish to watch rather than reading a book. For Example, if we take harry potter movie, the movie is simple to understand than lot of pages harry potter book.

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Everyone is more attracted to movies and shows interest in it rather than books.

10. Social Aspect

You can go to movies with your friends, family and relatives. More importantly, you can watch movies together, you can chit chat, eat together, and can enjoy movies. But, in case of books, you have to read books independently and with lots of concentration to understand  the gist of the book.

However, movies definitely increases the social aspect and where as books increases the in-dependency.

11. Entertainment

In case of entertainment without any thought we can say that movies gives great entertainment than books. In movies, we can see many entertaining factors that we can’t get through books.

Wrapping It Up – Reasons Why Movies Are Better Than Books

We hope that Reasons Why Movies Are Better Than Books made you clear all your doubts why movies superior books. If you have queries or any information relatively, please let us know in the comment section.

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