Seraph Of The End Season 3 – Release Date And News Updates

The most famous and thrilling Seraph of the end, a dark fantasy manga series is penned by Takaya Kagami, conceptualized by Yamato Yamamoto and the creative storyboard is confirmed by DiasukeFuruya. The manga series has been unanimously a blockbuster and   has been loved to the heights by the fans of anime and manga.The pulsating series was also personalized to anime and already 2 seasons of it have been broadcasted in the past years. The first season of Seraph of the end anime was aired in June 2015 and the second series of the anime aired in December 2015 from 15 December to 26 Dec.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 – Release Date

Popular amongst folks of all ages especially kids and youngsters, both the anime and the manga had been madly loved by people, who have contributed it to be a  massive success across the world and fans are anxiously waiting for the next season of Seraph of the end. An end to the desperate wait of viewers is expected soon as its team is believed to be spending    days and nights in making of season 3 of Seraph of the end. The audience is going gaga over the return of the anime with season 3.

Seraph of the end Plot

Seraph of The End is based on a plot that revolves around a world that comes to an end at once because of a “human-made” virus. The virus caused no life on globe and is a story that took place in the era of 2012. The Virus affected only the folks above the age of 23, sparing everyone below 23 to fight out the battle against the virus and the vampire.

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In the midst of this situation, vampire comes into the scene and takes the control of earth and sucks the blood from left over life on earth. The lead character that takes the charge to overshadow the power of vampire is Yūichirō, who resides with his pals in an orphanage.   His efforts to escape from the vampire resulted in cruel death of his companions other than Mikaela  and Yūichirō himself. Later in the series, Mikaela gives up his breath and sacrificed his life to keep the Yūichirō alive. The later finally managed to escape and was safeguarded by the folks of Moon Demon Company.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 plot

After four years in the anime Seraph of the end, Yūichirō let his entire life go to obliterate vampires and took revenge from the devils of vampire. He joined vampire assassination unit which is guided by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. This story gets twisted to an interesting turn where Yūichirō finds a member of vampire extremely identical to his best friend. He actually turned out to be his real friend for whom Yūichirō tries every bit of his strength to get him back into human body.

Seraph of the end season 3 is an insight into core of human instinct, emotions, feelings, friendship and can be emphatically called a masterpiece of art.

 Release date of Seraph of the end season 3

It is in last stage of production and its release date is yet not finalised. Amongst the rumours all around, it is expected to release in the second half of  2019. Stay connected and updated to get the latest news about the anime.

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