10+ Best Sites Like YesMovies: For Online Streaming And Download

If Yesmovies is unavailable or your favorite movie / TV show is not available in it. In such cases you will be in the search of sites like YesMovies. Don’t worry we are here to help you out as we researched and gathered few best sites like YesMovies.

sites like yesmovies

About YesMovies

There are many websites that makes most of the video contents available like movies / TV shows. The Yesmovies is the website that allows you to watch videos on online streaming for free.

sites like yesmovies

This contains the separate menu options to search the video content based on genre, country, TV-series, and Top IMDb. It has the unique option to request a video which you desire to watch and the video is not available There are various online streaming options to switch, you can see it on the top right corner of the video screen. You can change the video quality under settings option present on the video screen. However, this is one of the best site to watch movies / TV series online.

You are thinking of what if the Yesmovies website is unavailable for sometime / looking for some more sites like Yesmovies. Continue reading to know more about the sites like Yesmovies.

Sites Like YesMovies

We have tried and checked all the sites options manually and written based on our experience. Let’s go through the content to know more about sites like YesMovies and their features along with website link.

1. C Movies HD

The C Movies HD is given the top number in the list as it contains the similar view as Yesmovies. On opening the page you can see some of the featured images of few top series and TV shows. Just scroll down to see suggestions section with cinema movies, Features series, and Top IMDb. On the home page mid section, you can see latest movies section with options like action, thriller, and romance. On the bottom of the home page, you can see the latest TV series section like united states, korean, and Japan.

sites like yesmovies

Drawback: This site has all the required options but the ads are little bit frustrating.


  • On the features image, you can see the quality of the video and for the TV series you can see episode number.
  • You can see various genre’s and countries click and navigate options at the bottom of home page.
  • The menu options available same as YesMovies like Genre, Country, TV – Series, and Top – IMDB.
  • This has unique options in the menu section as request which help the user to post the video request and the site admin will upload the video at  the earliest possible.
  • The video online streaming has many streaming options that help to switch server.
  • You can change the quality of the video content.
  • On clicking on the feature image of the video, you will navigate to a page with the information of the video like genre, country, quality, duration, release, and more.
  • If you are watching the TV series, all the episodes of the series will be shown under the video for quick navigation for the next episode.

Live Website: https://www1.cmovieshd.bz/

Download: No option to download videos

2. 123 Movie

The 123 movies is the best sites like Yesmovies because this has the most unique categories that helps you to watch your favorite videos. Main drawback of the site is too many ad pop – ups for the click you make on the site. You have to reload the site because most of the times you come up with the message that the site is unavailable.

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sites like yesmovies

Drawback: The ads and the page unavailability (reload).


  • The menu options varies like menu, genres, country, release, and request. This helps you to navigate to your required section and video with ease.
  • You can change the streaming server from openload, rapidvideo, and others to get the perfect picture view.
  • There is an option to zoom in the video up to 2x for better view of the video.

Live Site: https://w1.123movie.cc/

Download: Yes, there is option to download below video

3. F Movies

This is one of the unique and best website that will make you to watch movies and Tv shows at your comfortable time. It has many other options that the sites like Yesmovies will contain and the many more options along with new movie release trailers.


sites like yesmovies

Drawback: The Tv series will not have all the episodes at one place.


  • You can go through the menu section as that will help you to search videos according to the genre, country, A-z list, release, and most watched.
  • There is an option to change the server. If you have error while playing video switch to the other server. This site has other servers like mycloud, openload, rapidvideo, and f5 beta.
  • You have to log in to the site to add the video to the watch list.
  • The video screen has the auto play, auto next options, and zoom – in up to 2 x options.

Live Site: https://www6.fmovies.to/

Download: Yes, there is an option to download video on the top of video.

4. Yify Movies

The yify movies is the innovative site as you can search the video basing on the alphabetical order on the home page. You can see the genre and release year on the home page itself to make your filter and search simple.


sites like yesmovies

Drawback: Some of the videos are not available in HD quality. There are no servers to switch in case of video unavailability in one server.


  • On the home page you can see movies, TV series, ratings, trending, and Top IMDb. If you are unsure about the about the video to watch then go to top IMDb, trending, or ratings section.
  • Under any section, you can search the video in the alphabetical order to make your search simple.
  • However, on the feature image you can see the quality of the image like HD, HDRip, TS, and CAM.
  • On scrolling down to the video, you can see some info about the video, cast, and you can also watch trailer.
  • You can change the server basing on the

Live Site: http://yifymovies.tv/#

Download: No download option.

5. Put Locker

This is a simple site like Yesmovies with a search button on the home page. The site may show off you the error sometimes, you have to click on reload option to get back to the site.

sites like yesmovies

Drawback: There is no option of filters like searching through alphabetical order.


  • There are mirrors present on the top right corner of the video to switch in case of any error in playing the video.
  • You can know the information of the video like genre, country, duration, IMDb rating, and quality below the video.
  • You have the menu option same as in the other sites like Yesmovies. The new episodes section will give you the option to watch the TV series episodes.

Live Site: https://www3.putlocker9.as/

Download:No download option.

6. B Movies

The interface of the website looks elegant in black and blue colored text. This is also one of the best sites like Yesmovies as it contains all the options. You can view your favorite videos without any signup.

sites like yesmovies

Drawback: For Tv series, you can’t find all the episodes at one place.


  • This contains the different sections like country, genre, TV series, top IMDb, A – Z list, and news.
  • The easy navigation is possible with easy clicks and there are no too many pop – up ads that is the main fetching point of this website.
  • You can change the server if the present server is not working which is available under the video.
  • There is an option to change the quality of the video and you can backward 10 seconds of the video.
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Live Site: https://bmovies.cloud/

Download: No download option.

7. Vumoo

This vumoo is one of the best interface to search for your videos. This is also best site like Yesmovies as it provides the option to watch movies without any signup.

sites like yesmovies

Drawback: This has less menu options as there is no genre section, country section or request section to make search and requesting video even more simple.


  • You can see the name of the movie / TV series along with the year of the movie release on the featured image.
  • There are only two menu sections such as movies and TV series to get your favorite video.
  • You can increase or decrease the video quality using the settings button which is present on the video.
  • If you want to know information about the video scroll down and get the info like genre, release, and so on.

Live Site: http://vumoo.to/

Download: There is no download option.

8. Hub Movie

The hub movie is one of the best sites like Yesmovies where you can see your favorite movies and TV shows for free. This contains the massive video content library with all the categories for easy search. The search option present on the home screen, helps you to search you favorite video with ease. On the home screen, you can see few featured images, click on it to watch the video. The only drawback of the site is too many ad pop ups but that is they way they earn money.

Drawback: Some of the movies / Tv shows are features but there are no links to watch them. You have to log in to submit the video link of the concerned video.


  • You can request the videos and the status of the video upload can be known under requests menu section. Here, you can log – in to the site and share the video link from your side in the comments section.
  • If you are waiting for any video that is still unavailable on the site, look into the schedule section whether the video is already scheduled for upload.
  • You can know the release year and quality of the video on the featured image.
  • If you are going to watch TV shows then on clicking on the featured image of a TV show you can see all the episodes at one place pick the episode according to your wish.
  • You can zoom in the screen up to 2 x and can add captions using url or can off it.

Live Site: http://hubmovie.cc/

Download: No download option

9. Vex Movies

The vex movies is one of the best sites like Yesmovies as it gives us all the movies and TV series to watch without any signup. You can watch the old to new movies without any hassle as it doesn’t pop – up too many ads.

sites like yesmovies

Drawback: The download option is not that effective to download video at low speed internet.


  • The synopsis and complete cast information is provided on the video page.
  • On the video page itself you can see the release year and genre section on the right to make your filter easy.
  • You can see the server change options under the video to switch in case of absence of video / error in the video.
  • In this you can see the new movies section and 123 movies section for easy navigation to your favorite movies.
  • The advanced search option will help to filter the movies based on your selection of genre, order by, quality, release year or either of it.
  • You can see the quality of the video like HD, Sd, or Cam, and the release year along with the name of the video information is available on the features image.
  • On clicking on the video, you will be navigated to the page where the video info is available, click on the play button to navigate to the video page.
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Live Site: http://vexmovies.org/

Download: There is download option.

10. Solar Movie Free

The solar movie free is the site that will give you the best movie / Tv series videos view experience. However, the website interface and color combination is very eye – catching to navigate to the videos and to watch them without straining your eyes. The brightness can be increased on selecting light – on option present on the video.

sites like yesmovies

Drawback: Tv series all the episodes are not gathered at one place.


  • You can share the website URL to various social media sites like Facebook, twitter Pinterest, email, LinkedIn, and other sites.
  • The menu options available on the website are genre, country, TV series, Top IMDb, and request option. These options will help you to navigate to the video with ease. You can use the request option if the videos are not available on site place a request to the admin to add the video.
  • The various genre sections are available to make the search according to your mood.

Live Site: https://solarmovies.pl/

Download: No download option.

11. Go Stream

This is one of the best sites like YesMovies which help you to watch movies for free. You can watch the videos either online or offline. On the home screen, there are featured video images for easy navigation to your favorite video.

sites like yesmovies

Drawback: There is no request option to ask the admin to add the video and no special menu’s to navigate to the videos easily. This has no Tv – series section.


  • There are various menu options like genres, country, most viewed, and top IMDB which are useful for the easy navigation to your favorite video.
  • You can see featured video images of movies and on it you can see quality of the video like HD.
  • On clicking on the features image, you will be navigated to a page where you can see option to watch now and download.
  • You can see info about the video like genre, country, actor, release, IMDB rating, and others.
  • There is an option to add to favorite list to watch the video later.

Live Site: https://gostream.site/

Download:Yes, you can download the videos which you want to see offline.

Other Links

Important Points To Consider

Follow below given tips to watch the videos easily.

  • The website may be error page due to some of the reasons but reload it to enter into the site.
  • Don’t click or use the cursor frequently, just use up and down arrows to scroll down or up on the page. This will help you to avoid too many pop -up ads.
  • In some of the cases, website may be unavailable for particular time or due to the ban. Try some time later or the next day to access the website.
  • The above given sites are helpful to watch videos without any sign up but if you want to save the favorite list or the watch later list you have to sign up for some of the websites.

Closing Thoughts

The sites like Yesmovies are gathered based on the information we observed while using the website. We hope the information is helpful to watch the videos without any worries. If you still have any queries or required any more information leave us the query in the comment section. We are here to help you out in every possible way.

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