Space Dandy Season 3 2019 Release Date Full Details

It has been almost 4 years since second season of Space dandy was released and its fans are desperately waiting to see more of it ever since. Season 2 was ended with the tagline ‘May Be Continued”, which its fans thought it to be clue about its next season 3.

Space Dandy Season 3 2019 Release Date

 Speculation about delay in its season 3 

 There is not just one reason about the delay in season 3 as Space dandy is an original anime series which was telecasted simultaneously with its manga adaptation. It is thought that makers could be running short of matter to create another season of space dandy as both the seasons ended in 2014.  On the other hand, the Madam Entertainment and Funimation seems to be more focused on anime series like Dragon Ball Super and Cowboy Bebop instead of series like Space Dandy. Well that doesn’t mean that viewers will not get to see its next season at all. With the high note ending, viewers shouldn’t get disheartened at all. Fans have sent petition through online regarding season 3.

An insight into Space Dandy

Space Dandy was telecasted on AT-X from January 2014 to August 2014. Its 26 episodes were segregated in 2 seasons. With the remark of Mashahiko Minami (President of Bones Studio) giving indication towards his interest in making season 3 of space Dandy, the rumours seemed to be true. Masafumi Harada, the main writer disclosed that he is hired in penning the season 3.

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Space Dandy Plot

Space Dandy is an anime series. This series is about a youngster named Dandy, who is an alien hunter. Inspired by Han Solo of Star wars, is joined by a robot named QT (which is like Chewbaca) and AI named Mew (like Princess Leia). The trio leaves no stone unturned in travelling all over the globe and successfully finds out aliens.

Space Dandy 2019 Plot

Space Dandy was screened in 26 episodes in two consecutive seasons. In the last, the narrator introduced himself as an almighty and gave opportunity to Dandy to be the next God. Dandy rejected god’s proposal. You also get to see GR Gel and Admiral Perry who were chased by Gogol Empire in both the series. Dr. Gel is a scientist of Gogol Empire who discovered that Dandy has an unusual metal called Pyonium. This metal can aid any person to change reality. The reason behind the intense knowledge of physics and space is this metal only. Dandy has the capability to move in other era and other zone of space easily.

Space Dandy Season 3 Release Date

The accurate premiere date of Space Dandy Season 3 is not yet declared. As per our sources, it is not expected to hit the screen anytime soon and might need 1 more year to release.  For those who haven’t seen previous seasons can witness the fun of Space Dandy online. A shooter game based on it is also released by the studio which is in fact the best and one of most popular anime based shooter games.

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