Stranger Things Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Theories, Teaserand Plot

Stranger Things is anAmerican sci-fi-horror web television series on Netflix, which is written and directed by the Duffer Brothers. Stranger Things 2 has become the most popular show in the country and it has got 9 stars rating on IMBD. As we know, two seasons are already out and the fans are waiting for the third season. In this article, we are going to discuss the season 3 release date, cast, fan theories and season one and two plots. So, if you haven’t yet watched the first and second series, we suggest you don’t read the plot and theories as it may contain spoilers for you.

Stranger Things Season 3: Release Date

Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Theories, and Plot

While we know that the shooting has been started for season 3, no official release date has been given yet. But if we believe rumors, you will be able to watch the show by late 2018 or in the first half of 2019.

The season one of Stranger Things was released on Netflix on July 15, 2016. It was received so well by the audiences and also was acclaimed for its characterization, acting, directing, and writing. The series won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2016. It also received nineteen nominations for the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards and twelve nominations for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Stranger Things season 2 was announced by Netflix on August 31, 2016. It was released on October 27, 2017, having 9 episodes. Again, the season was received very well and in December 2017, Netflix announced the third season. The production of this season was started in April 2018. There will be 8 episodes in this season. There will be one or two more seasons of Stranger Things before it finally ends.

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Stranger Things Season 3: Cast

All the main character are expected to be seen in season three, of course except Barb and Bob. Finn Wolfhard as Mike, Noah Schnapp as Will, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin, Sadie Sink as Max, Winona Ryder as Joyce, David Harbour as Hopper, Cara BuonoKaren, Natalia Dyer as Nancy, Charlie Heaton as Jonathan, Joe Keery as Steveand Dacre Montgomery as Billy, all will be there.

Stranger Things Season 3: Theories

As soon as the season 2 ended, fan-made theories came out to amuse the fans until the next season is out. Here are some of the best theories about Stranger Things Season 3.

Sarah was a test subject at Hawkins’ lab

You need to be really alert to relate to this one. Remember, when the group got stuck in the Hawkins hospital in season 2? There was a staircase that was oddly similar to the one where Hopper was crying during the flashback about her daughter, Sarah’s death in season 1. So, it could mean that Sarah died in Hawkins hospital. Though it never came up how she died, everyone assumed it to be cancer as she lost her hair. Now, according to the theory, she could be a subject at the Hawkins’ Lab and Hopper might not aware of the situation. She must have been to the hospital for some therapy in an effort to combat her illness. And without Hopper’s knowledge, she must have been given the psychoactive drug, the same one that was used on Eleven’s mother.

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Mind Flayer can use Eleven as its host

In the last episode of season 2, Eleven challengesthe Mind Flayer, the giant, eight-legged monster that lives in the Upside Down.Eleven succeeded in sealing that monster back inside the Upside Down by closing the link with the help of her psychic powers. Now, the Mind Flayer knows that if Eleven can close the link, she can also reopen it. The Mind Flayer has the power to use people as their spies and make them do whatever it wants. So, in this season, it might use its powers to posses Eleven and make her open the tear.

Eleven Might Die While Saving The World

We all have seen it many times, whenever Eleven uses her powers, her nose bleeds. But what if it is not just the nose bleeding? Maybe she is getting weak everytime she uses her powers. In this season, when the Upside Down returns or threatens Hawkins, she might sacrifice herself while using her powers to stop it.

Stranger Things: Plot

Stranger Things is a sci-fi- horror drama, set in the early 1980s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. There is Hawkins National Laboratory in the town that apparently performs scientific research for the United States Department of Energy. But this is only to show the world, actually, they do experiments into the paranormal and supernaturalsecretly. These experiments also involve human test subjects. Unintentionally, and without knowing, they have created a connection to an alternate dimension called the ‘Upside Down’. The people of Hawkins are unaware of the situation and the Upside Down starts to affect them in dreadful ways.

The story of the first season starts in November 1983. A group of four friends, Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, after finishing the game ofDungeons & Dragons are going back home when Will Byers, one of the friends disappears. The story travels in the whole town and the police start searching for the boy. As the search begins for Will, the mysteries of a top-secret government experiment and supernatural forces start to reveal. When the three friends were looking for Will, they found a very strange, psychokinetic girl named Eleven. She has escaped from the laboratory. She has some extraordinary powers and the boys start to believe that she might have a connection to the missing of Will.

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After a series of events, Will has been saved with the help of Eleven and his friends. In the last episode, we see that its Christmas and all the four boys are playing Dungeons and Dragons.In the next scene, where the season ends, we see Will cough up a creature and see a vision of the Upside Down.

The story of the second season is set in October 1984, a year later. It is discovered that Will is still affected by the influence of the Upside Down. Eleven returns to Hawkins and finally meets with Mike. She uses her telekinetic powers to destroy the Mind Flayer, a creature from the Upside Down. Bob Newby was killed by the ‘demodogs’. Eleven closes the portal and now Will is free from his connection to the Upside Down. But, we see that the Mind Flayer is out in the universe and will surely be returning as soon as the season 3 arrives. The creators ended the season 2 in such a way that it has been difficult to assume what we’re going to see in season 3.

But, the wait will be over soon (we hope) as the third season will be out soon. This season is planned to take place a year later, in mid-1985.

Stranger Things 3 Trailer/Teaser

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