The Asterisk War Season 3: Renewed Or Cancelled?

The renowned Asterisk War is actually an anime series which was broadcasted during the last quarter of 2015 and again in June 2016. Every season comprised of twelve episodes each. Produced by A-1 pictures, it is based on the light novel Japanese series. It was first published in 25th September 2012 and off late till now, almost 10 volumes are made public. Asterisk war is written in ink on papers by Yuu Miyazaki and is imprinted under MF Bunko too, whereas the direction of the anime is done by Manabu Ono with the assistance of Kenji Seto.  The Asterisk War anime was foremost published as a manga in Seinen Manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive of Media Factory. This manga is indebted for graphic or design to Ningen which is spread in three volumes.

The Asterisk War Season 3 Renewed Or Cancelled

Animax in Japan was the foremost to broadcast and was later put out on Tokyo MX, BS11, GYT, etc. However in North America, the right to put out the series of anime in English language on screen is acquired by Aniplex. It is available for video streaming via Crunchyroll. The Asterisk War: Houka Kenran is the name of this video with a release date of 28th January 2016 in Japan. Fans are waiting anxiously for season 3 but there is still dilemma amongst viewers that whether they will get to see the season 3 of asterisk.

Rating of prior seasons

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk succeeded in winning the hearts of the target audience. 7.14 rating has been given out of 10 and has got more than 115,600 votes. On the other hand, on Crunchyroll, the anime series has got a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. Season 2 of the series got more success and won the hearts of even more viewers with outstanding reviews from viewers and critics. It was given rating of 7.33/10 with 70,000 votes.

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 Long back, a global disaster named “invertia” inculcated a supernatural power or ability to children which was termed as Genestella. These children are comparatively much faster, stronger and smarter than other children. These gifted children could cure people and forecast the future of people. Later these blessed kids become the part of 6 competing academies.

The story revolves around a guy named Ayato Amagiri who joins Seidoukan Academy. This Academy is based in the city of Rikka which is also known as Asterisk. It’s a high-status institution for practised students having supernatural powers. Academy conducts “Festas”, an entertaining battle for students and gave them opportunity to showcase their talent and powers.

The Asterisk War Season 3 summation

However, the very first day Ayato turned out to be a blunder as he became witness of   a female classmate dressing up and was later remarked duel by her. He doesn’t want to be part of Festas, rather emphasize on searching his missed sister. Nevertheless, Ayato turns up in an excellent fighting partner.

The Asterisk War team is pushing up for next season. They are surely looking to do another season of The Asterisk War. But Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is for now being cancelled on Animax and therefore will not return with another season. Unfortunately, it is an official data.

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