The Irregular at Magic Highschool: Season 2

The Irregular at Magic Highschool is an action Fantasy anime based on a series of light novels or manga written by Tsutomu Sato that was published in Japan in 2011 and has 28 volumes and the anime airing of season 1 from July 2014 had a total of 26 episodes, last one being aired on 27th September 2014. It showcases a future world where magic and technology coexist and can be learned and accessed by anyone with proper education and skills. Tatsuya and his sister Miyuki enter a high school to learn about the magic and how to use it and how Tatsuya’s exceptional skills in magic and technology despite his low status in the society makes him a stand out from the rest of the class, makes him an irregular in the school, he goes on to have adventures in the school with his friends.


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Fans have been eagerly waiting for a season 2 followed by its popularity and ratings during the time it aired, and so the production house Madhouse ( that has produced hit animes like One-Punch Man too) has been in favor of a season 2 for this anime. And by far the sources confirm that a season 2 will be there and is going to air from April 5, 2019. The Anime has had a movie adaptation that is canon to the storyline and is a sequel to the Season 1, so the season 2 will take on the story after the events in the movie involving the same characters Tatsuya and Miyuki.

The Storyline

The story begins in a futuristic world where magic is real and it is used along with technology for different purposes personal or even military. Not everyone can use magic but those who can they use magic and technology to create things or restructure them and even weaponize it, and it is taught in schools just like any other subject for such people who have potential to learn it and use it based on their genes or bloodline.

Our protagonist Tatsuya and his sister, Miyuki begin their high school in one such school to learn magic and hone their technological and magical abilities. Although Miyuki does not like Tatsuya in the beginning, after he saves her life she starts loving him. And as for Tatsuya, he begins under his sister’s shadow, being considered inept in using magic unlike his sister who is considered a first class student, but soon he showcases remarkable skills and talent in magic and technology making him stand out in the school, making him an “Irregular in the school”. Season 1 shows their first year in high school, challenges they face, relationships they build and adventures Tatsuya and his friends go on together facing other magicians and villains.

Season 2 will pick up where the movie left the storyline:-

Season 1 was followed by a movie “The Irregular at Magic Highschool: The Girl Whi Calls the Stars” for the anime that was considered canon on June 17, 2017.

It is a sequel to the anime’s season 1 and continues in the spring break of Tatsuya and Miyuki’s school after they have completed their first year. In a small villa where they visit for vacation, they meet a girl who had escaped an experiment facility where humans were used as test subjects for illegal experiments related to magic and technology and their applications on them. Tatsuya and Miyuki decide to help her and others who are still captive in the facility and so the movie shows their adventure, how they struggle and fight against the facility members and free everyone.

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Season 2 continues from there

Season 2 is confirmed by the previous director Manabu Onu and has hinted that Season 2 will be airing somewhere around 5 April 2019, will resume the story based on the remaining manga volumes which show the characters after the spring break, where Tatsuya and Miyuki have started their second year in the high school. The second season is suggested to be anything but boring with the protagonist rumored to be facing androids infected with parasites, rival magicians who are stronger than they have ever faced and lots of drama and new characters, relationships and adventures will be introduced in the season 2. Season 2 will have only 13 episodes instead of 26 episodes like season 1 had but with the same time duration as the season 1. It will be a promising season and will gain just as much popularity as the previous one.

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