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Viddyoze Review 2020

 3D videos are taking the world to the next level. People are curious to watch the 3D videos and they never get bored. If you are wondering why people spend a lot in producing videos for marketing then here are the stats that prove video marketing investment never goes into the garbage.

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic” – 15 times higher than the 2017 data.

“59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than reading text” – Word Stream.

Now you might be thinking to consider video marketing right? But hold on, Does this data apply for all videos? NOPE.

You need high-quality videos and powerful video editing software like ViddYoze video editing software. Here is the detailed Viddyoze Review and also the coupon code for a splendid discount.

Why Viddyoze?

Viddyoze coupon code

Viddyoze is a library of animations, logo, live-action animations, social media call to actions, and lower thirds. You just have to pick a design you like, upload your logo or graphic and start exporting. Once you complete the editing part, you can save the file either in an MP4 format or an animated GIF as well.

You can use this beautiful video animation tool for your powerful animation for your channel, landing page, or for your clients as well if you are a web marketer. A lot of professionals need to convert the leads into eCommerce platforms.

Initially, Viddyoze version 1.0 was released in September 2015 and after it’s entry in the market, it overtook the position and sales of JVZoo.

Features of Viddyoze

While comparing this beautiful video editing software, we must look for the features that can be astonishing if you are just into the video marketing world.

  • Live-action animations
  • Studio-Grade Intros and Logo
  • Premium quality Social actions
  • Transitions & text effects
  • Movie filters
  • Chroma keying
  • Compelling CTAs

1# Live-action animations

This feature tops the list among all its features. The live-action animation isn’t something that you can see in any other video editing software including all other leading software.

A lot of web developing agencies tend to use this live-action animation feature for creating a high-class advertising agency for marketing. This feature to amp videos for your channel or landing page videos. However, you have to experience the real on-site video enhancing feature.

Viddyoze Live-Action allows the user to put their logo, or another graphic, into a real-world animation clip. One of the major success points of this Video editor is its live-action technology.

The feature was added in 2017 and users were so happy about it. This live-action allows the user to put their logo, or other graphics, into a real-world animation clip that the database has.

You can create some stunning high-quality intro animations and logo strings to make a bond between you can customers. Basically, any business revolves around audience trust. A lot of branded companies rely on high-quality videos that can reach straight to customers.

But what if they don’t know how to make a video? Well, we have online services that can introduce a lot of talented freelancers. When I’m searching for a good 3D video animation maker, here is the thing I’ve found.

Studio-Grade Intros and Logo

Spending so much for a single video isn’t what I always recommend. Instead, you can learn these effects and transitions using Viddyoze software.

3# Premium quality Social actions

Premium quality Social actions

If you have a brand on social media, you do have to worry about the reach. Earlier, it is difficult to make and wake up a brand. But now it becomes easy with social media. Video marketing also involves highlighting the brand in social media. Using Viddyoze, you can create some spectacular videos, especially for social media camping. You can add some splendid text effects to promote your social channels.

4# Transitions & Brilliant text effects

Any video that has multiple sections need video transitions and text effects. A face-cam video without high-quality sound and text boxes are boring anytime. People watch premium quality videos with high transitions levels and text boxes in between.

Transitions & Brilliant text effects

Especially when you are promoting brands, you need to include various stages that describe your brand. Cinematic text effects can be added benefit to increase your video conversion rate.

The study from most of the marketers proves that viewers showed interest in up-selling if the video has quality information.

5# Movie filters

Viddyoze also has some amazing movie filter effects like sharp cutting, edge cropping and more. These effects will make the videos more sharpers by adding Lens flares, light effects, film grain, blockbuster-style grading and more. Nowadays retro-style videos have more craze than the regular ones, so the software is all set to make a new retro-style video for you.

6# Chroma keying

Chroma keying

Viddyoze has the transparency Alpha technology in video editing that we can call as Chroma keying. You can create multiple layers using the free video templates you could use to market your brand. Just like other video editing software, you can render all the videos.

Chroma keying is the best way to create some stunning presentations in branding. A lot of pre-loaded videos are available in Viddyoze that you can use in your video layout section for editing.

7# Compelling CTAs

If you want to measure the success of any business then look at their conversion rate as one of the parameters. The conversion rate is important that every marketer should focus on. When you use the Viddyoze CTA videos, you are directly increasing sales, shares, and sign-ups.

All the pre-approved videos are the recommendations from Pro-Marketers.


Coming to the pricing part, the Viddyoze has two different pricing segments. It has a personal plan that costs you $97 on regular and the commercial plan that costs you $127. Both these plans are one-time payment, which means you can get lifetime accessibility.

Now, which plan suits you?

If you make videos for your personal use with moderate use, you can go with the personal plan. In this plan, the maximum renders you can make are 30 per month. If you want to unlock this limit, you can opt for a commercial plan anytime. Both the plans have 170 professional templates and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Is Viddyoze reliable

Out of all the questions and doubts on social media threads, one of my friends switched to this software. I personally like this software that allows me to access all the premium features at one place instead of paying to the professionals. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn how to use this just in a few days.

If you want to use more templates then you need to pay for a monthly subscription to get access to the 400 or so additional templates. However, if you are not happy with the output, you can request cancellation within 30 days. That’s a great thing because you need to use this to understand how it works.

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