Top 10 Vumoo Alternatives: Best Sites Like Vumoo for You to Watch Movies

Sites like Vumoo. Gone are the days when we have to wait for watching our favorite movies or have to make a lot of efforts for enjoying our favorite flicks. It is the time when enjoying movies have become very simple. Thanks, to the various online streaming sites available to us. One such site that is extremely popular for finding any type of movies is Vumoo which is by far the best site that has been explored. The site is best in terms of its design, updates, offered quality and movie collection.

Top Sites Like Vumoo- Best Vumoo Alternatives

The replacement to one of the best movie streaming sites like Vumoo is quite hard but is not that difficult. The availability of so many amazing online movie streaming sites is a clear example of the same. These sites have been added to the lists of sites like Vumoo because of the fact that they all are extremely amazing in offering the best features and movies to their users. While we have been enjoying the properly organized site of Vumoo, it is a time when we explore the possibilities that these Vumoo alternatives can offer to the users. Let us have a look at the various possible names which can be the best alternative options for finding and enjoying online movies:

1. Haloa Movies:

There are no second thoughts that it is not easy for any of the sites to replace the highly popular Vumoo site but if there is a site that can be very similar to the designing of the Vumoo site then it has to be Haloa Movies. The site has been so designed that they had kept the fact in their mind that the main reason for the popularity of the Vumoo site is its design. Thus, you will feel pretty much the same as Vumoo when you visit the site of Haloa Movies. The wide variety of their movie collection has been portrayed very similar to Vumoo and thus the users feel no different when using this site. The comfort that this one of the Vumoo alternatives provide to their users is of its strong pillars.

2. Movies Planet:

Nothing can be the perfect gift to your customers than gifting them the ease to search, watch and download their favorite movies, videos and flicks. And this is exactly what Movies Planet offer to their users. Easy and quick searchable movies are one of the highlights of the site and this is what makes this site one of the most preferable sites like Vumoo. Either you want to search or watch the newly released movies or are looking for something that has been released for quite some time Movies Planet is the right place where you will get everything that you desires.

Just like Vumoo, Movies Planet has also worked on their design and thus has a very interesting and interactive interface. It is because of the designing of the site, the users find searching and watching their favorite movies and stuff really easy on this website. Moreover, the site offers high-quality movies and videos without any interference from the annoying ads. Overall, with the absence of annoying ads, fast speed, and high picture quality, Movies Planet site are one of the biggest and favorite of the users who are looking for nothing less than perfection.

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4. My Download Tube:

If you are looking for a new website that can be a tough competition for all the online streaming websites, then My Download Tube has to be the one. The website has been so designed that despite being a new runner in the race, it contains all the essential features that can make this website as one of the perfect Vumoo alternatives.

The best thing that this site offers to its users is the fact that they don’t have to sign up or register themselves for accessing the website. They just simply come, search their favorite movie or flick and can watch it whenever and wherever needed. The site has been designed very well as it provides maximum ease to its users so that they can easily access the site and search for their movie that they want to watch online. The site offers exceptionally well movie quality to its users. However, the users can only watch the movies and flicks online without actually downloading them. So whenever you are in a mood to catch any of your favorites watch, this site can be the best place that you can try.

5. Viooz:

Viooz is another name that has been doing the rounds in the market for offering the best quality online movies to the users. With its amazing features and brilliantly organized site, it is one of the leading names in the list of sites like Vumoo. All the users that access the site will be welcomed with a number of features that assures the fact that the site is liked by the users. Despite the availability of so many features, the site has been kept in simple interface and designing so that the users can easily access it. What makes the site even more accomplished is the manner in which the site has categorized its vast collection of movies.

One of the essential features of the site is that it is capable to minimize the downloading and loading time for the available online movies. You just have to click on the link and the movie will get downloaded within a fraction of seconds. The site works well even for the large size movies. So, you don’t have to worry about the size or other stuff of the movie you want to see because you will never face any such troubles with this site.

6. Solar Movie:

When it comes to thinking about the top most and trending Vumoo alternatives there can be only one name that strikes immediately in our minds and that is of Solar Movie. Solar Movie is the most popular sites which are similar to Vumoo in terms of quality as well as providing distinguished services to its users. No matter in what mood you are and what type of movie you want to see, Solar Movie can provide you with all types and varieties of movies. The site has a vast variety of movies from action, comedy, drama, chick flicks, etc. and can provide you with high-quality links to such varieties of movies. Not only this, the search engine of the site is capable of providing the best online sites for movie streaming. Apart from this, if you are in the mood of watching any of the popular TV series, you can find the link to that as well. Thus, overall the site is a complete package that you can get for online streaming.

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7. Putlocker:

Do you still believe that it is difficult to search any movie if you don’t remember its exact name? Wouldn’t it be great if you don’t have to use any of the related keywords for the movie while searching for it? You can get this all and many more features with this very amazing and one of the top names of the sites like Vumoo. The site is not only popular for providing its users with the latest movies for free but is also popular amongst the audience for recommending various shows, movies and flicks according to the mood and liking of the user. Moreover, you can also get an update on the upcoming shows, events, and broadcast that may excite you.

There is no doubt that Putlocker is one of that site that can offer you with many amazing and distinguished features that are not available with many of the leading online streaming sites. Despite the presence of so many extraordinary features that this site offers to its users, the users are not required to register, download or sign-up anywhere for accessing the site. Isn’t it great?

8. Movie Flixter:

If you want to keep your search for the online movies and TV shows simple and clean then you need to try the site of Movie Flixter. The site is one of the leading Vumoo alternatives that have been ruling the hearts of the users with its simplicity. The site has made sure that they keep the interface as simple as possible so that every user can interact with it irrespective of being a beginner or a regular visitor. Apart from this, the site has also taken care to sort the site pretty well so that its users do not feel confused and lost while searching for their favorite movie of TV series.

Thanks to the properly organized site of Movie Flixter, the users can find their choice within no time and thus can enjoy their favorite watch without any hassles. To make the process easy for the users, the site also provides information such as the release year of the movie so that the user’s searches can become easy and simple.

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9. NewMoviesOnline:

If you are one of those kinds who like excellence over anything, then you would surely like the quality and approach of the NewMoviesOnline’s site. The very first time when you visit their site the first impression that you get is of excellent designing and properly organized categories. What adds to the charm of this one of the sites like Vumoo is the high-end movie quality that it delivers. You will surely become a fan of the picture quality that this site offers to its users.

The site has a vast collection of the latest releases of movies, videos, etc. and thus is always on the top priorities of the users for finding the new releases. Be it any kind of movies, this site can serve you with an amazing quality of that movie from that particular category. From an appealing home page to the perfectly organized database, this site is surely heading towards perfection with every passing day.

10. Wolow Tube:

The list of the popular and trending online streaming sites will not get completed unless the site of Wolow Tube is mentioned in that. With a very stunning and appealing interface, this site has become one of the favorites of the users within no time. The interactive interface that the site is made with makes sure that all the users who visit their site enjoy exploring their home page and site every single time.

For making them one of the most favorable sites, Wolow Tubes maintains their site in a really organized manner. They too have a huge collection of new and old releases for their users which means you just have to think of a movie and you will get the same of this site. As far as the picture quality of the movies on this site is concerned, there is one thing that is for sure that once you visit and explore the site you will never regret your decision.


There is no fun in watching any movie, video or online stuff if you have to wait for long hours just to find and download the particular need. Moreover, a bad quality of the picture further leaves a negative impression on the users. Thus, the users are always looking for sites which can overcome all these issues and can serve them with the best results. The following list of online streaming sites is the perfect combination of sites that the users can get for enjoying their watch with minimal efforts.

Do let us know which site do you prefer for watching online movies? Also, we would love to hear your experience of using these mentioned sites. Do comment below which site you liked the best and why would you recommend it to others?

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